Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Macro HNT

Nothing profound here this week. Still playing around with the macro setting on my camera. To get the full effect of these, feel free to click on the pictures and check out the full size. They're just a little scary!

I didn't prepare (groom) prior to doing this. These were taken with about 2-3 day's growth of beard. I found the great variety of colors of the hairs in my beard to be interesting. And the grayness of my head. My apologies in advance for the nose hairs. And the apparently overgrown mustache. At least I had the decency to not post the hair growth in/around my ears!

This week's Mystery Guest has been incredibly patient! She submitted it in early February, and it was just chosen! I won't give too many hints--we almost met each other on my Caribbean trip, but our wires got crossed. In spite of her bold pictures (she's been seen elsewhere!), she's a bit of a scaredy-cat. And like a cat, she's got a good side, a bad side, and even a dark side! If you think you know who she is, drop her a line. We'll be revealing her identity sometime on Thursday!
Many of you figured out that our Mystery Guest this week is none other than le chat qui a peur! Be sure to stop by--she's giving away kisses this week!
This week's version of "...the Other HNT" has a bit of testosterone to it, and should probably be considered NSFW. A couple of ladies being a little daring too! On a side note--there were over 750 visitors there last Wed/Thurs, and there were only an average of 6 comments for each picture! Be sure to leave a comment, OK?
Early posters include Aughra, Solitaire, Velma and The Melody Censor.
As always--please turn off your word verification for the day!

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