Monday, September 10, 2007

The fork in the road looms ahead...

Thursday, Sept. 13th - Sports HNT!
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Wednesday night, In Cahoots with the Mob Rules Horns (yes, it’s still an ungodly long name) will play for the last Alive @ Five event of the summer. That’s the beer and music thing downtown that I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions on this blog. This is the third year in a row that we’ve been the last act of the summer. It’s usually a pretty good crowd, since it’s the last one. The weather is forecast to be cool, but nice, and no rain. There will probably be 1500 or so people there.

But more to the point—it might be our very last gig. It could be the end of an era. Or simply a chance to regroup and re-energize. At this point, we just don’t know. There are a couple of issues that need to be resolved. Nothing earth-shattering, but nit-picky things. I’m not sure that any of us wants to disband. I may be wrong. But there’s no question that taking a break will be a good thing. It worked for the Eagles, the Rolling Stones and the Who—it should work well for us too!

The fact is, we’ve gotten stale. The fire has somewhat died. The public might be thinking so as well. For the past two years, we were voted as the best band in town. This past week, another band was voted into that spot. And deservedly so. Still, one has to wonder if it’s another sign that the end is nigh.

We have been together for well over 10 years. We have played for some of the best parties in town. We have played for some real stinkers. We have had 4 kids born, two of us have gotten married, and memories to last us forever. Frankly, these are some of my very best friends.

If things work the way I hope, we’ll get together again after the holidays, and work up some new material, and maybe some additional members, and be new and improved and ready to go for the summer. As I’ve mentioned before, I can also see this as being the last gig for us. I’d hate to see that, but it’s a possibility. One that would be difficult to deal with. I’ll keep you updated…
Because we’re playing Wednesday night, I won’t be able to post HNT on time, so I’ll have a trusty, reliable substitute do it for me. If you plan to submit something for the anon site, try to get it done ASAP!!!
The other busy thing going on this week is the symphony. We have a concert on Saturday night, so that means rehearsals and set-ups all week. Another reason why I’m not around much this week. I’ll try to have more info up for that later.

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