Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'll be back shortly...

The world has crashed down on me.

Well, it's really not that bad, but this week has gotten unexpectedly busy. Or I'm scheduled to do things during my normal nap time.

Started yesterday afternoon. Remember the "ring" thing at work? Well, we had another ring ceremony at the taproom of one of the local breweries. Montana state law says that a brewery can sell no more than 48 oz. of beer to a customer per day. So I figured I was safe. Oh, no. Not with this crew. We just move on down to the next brewery. Short story...I drank WAY too much, including two chugging contests with two guys half my age (I won, btw!), tacos from Taco Johns, home by 7:00, in a fuzzy state for about 3 hours (some texting and emails may have gone out--I apologize), in bed at 10:00, and then the massive puke at around 10:30. I figured I could say that, since it's TMI Tuesday. Slept in a bit longer than usual, but feel just fine today!

Which brings up the rest of the week...two freshly scheduled staff meetings, beer and food with some HS friends, a quickie weekend road trip, and doing all the HNT stuff. PLUS--the bosses who got me drunk yesterday are on a house-cleaning kick, so they're buzzing around all over the place. Which means my normal surfing/chatting/email answering is suffering.

Don't worry. I'll get caught up! But I think I'm drinking water tonight...
By the way...I don't have a Mystery Guest lined up for this week. Anyone interested? Just email me today! osbasso at gmail . com :-)

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