Thursday, August 27, 2009

Your Best Friend HNT

In case you missed it on my last post, I had an "incident" Monday after an afternoon of mindless power drinking. Honestly, only the 5th time I've ever done that due to an excess of alcohol. Fortunately, only witnessed by others on two occasions. Not too bad for 36 years of drinking time. But who is your best friend when your tummy's upset? For me, it's always been the pink...

Fantasy and reality.
Kink and vanilla.
Boys and girls.
These are the things that arouse this week's Mystery Guest.

She'll be revealed Thursday afternoon.
If you already have an idea, be sure to stop by to say hi!

Our Mystery Guest this week is our friend Little Minx! Be sure you stop by to say hi if you haven't already!
Some new participants over at "...the Other HNT" this week. Stop by and check them out. Lots of boobies this week!
I didn't respond to any comments to my "Facebook, Friends and Etiquette" post, but I was happy to see them all! I'd still love to see more comments if you're interested in leaving one!
Football season starts up this weekend around here, and I hope to actually get out to see some of them this year. To start out this season's boasting about Montana football... In a ranking of all college teams in ALL divisions of NCAA and NAIA, based on the number of overall wins since 2000, Carroll College ranks #2 with a record of 112-13. The University of Montana ranks #4 at 105-22. Those are both better than the top FSB team, Oklahoma, which ranks #5 at 102-19. Hopefully I can brag all season!

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