Monday, August 03, 2009


Accomplished absolutely nothing this weekend, other than laundry. Which gave me all sorts of time to allow all sorts of weird thoughts to invade...
I've been on a yogurt kick recently. Q (btw--her bday was Sunday. She's still taking bday wishes!) mentioned in a comment that you don't hear much about guys eating yogurt. Why is that? Is it a chick food? Are there girly hormones that will make me sprout breasts (that might have already started...)? Guys--do none of you eat yogurt?
I've never been a fan of 'LOL' or 'ROFLMAO' or any of those other cutesy acronyms. I can honestly say that I've never used them in any chats/texts/comments I've ever sent. Hell, I won't even use HHNT! But I can accept them, as everyone else uses them to some degree. What I really hate seeing though, is when a guy uses '*gigglesnort*'. Really?? *Gigglesnort*? Just seems a tad effeminate, don'tcha think? The only good example of *gigglesnort* is in that online snowball fight game that shows up every winter. When the green team wins. Please, guys. Go back to 'lol'!
I have a new favorite TV show. "Man V. Food" Hosted by Adam Richman on the Travel Channel. The guy isn't a competitive food eater, but he'll take on any local challenges that may come his way. And it's not always quantity. He'll take on a 72 oz. steak, or 6 "Nuclear Wings". Obviously, if six wings is a big deal, you can bet they're coated in something that would rip out most people's guts. I think that's what I like about the guy--I can live vicariously through him. I would never even attempt some of these things that use the hottest chili peppers on earth, but I appreciate his efforts! And you have to like a guy who isn't afraid to cry on national TV. Not tears of sorrow or joy, but of extremely spicy pain! Some of the challenges seem easy, yet he was only two bites away from finishing the 12-egg Southwest omelet. He puked before he could finish 120 oz. of milkshakes. Obviously, there must be more than meets the eye. And because this is on the Travel Channel, and not the Food Network, there's a bit more touring around towns and neighborhoods. And he doesn't do it for the money. He won a bumper sticker for eating the six wings. He got his picture up on the wall for eating something else. And he doesn't always win, which is nice to see. And he's not eating really weird stuff from exotic countries, but actual menu items we could find any day of the week. New season starts this week--I can't wait!
Still looking to find some sort of non-alcoholic watermelon drink, without resorting to making it myself (this is a decades-long search). Anyone know of any?
Watched "The Shining" over the weekend for shits n' giggles. Wanted to check something so I IMDB/Googled it. I got confirmation that the opening title sequence of the Volkswagen bug driving up the mountain roads was filmed by a helicopter following the car as it went up the Going To the Sun Road (same road Rachel and I were on last week, but the eastern half of the road--we were on the western side). Very cool.
My reason for looking was to find out what happened to the kid who played "Danny" ("REDRUM! REDRUM!). Click here to see what he looks like now (he's a high school teacher--how cool would that be?). Then I had to check out the creepy twins. You can see here what they look like now.
Finally, I found what they call a retrailer (making new trailers for previously released movies). This one was the winner at a film competition. A somewhat different take on the movie...

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