Thursday, August 06, 2009

Life Lines HNT

Once again, another HNT picture that went in a different direction than intended. Suffering from a great lack of inspiration this week, I decided to go back to look at some long-lost HNTers from 3-4 years ago. Two things I discovered. I need to get a "real" camera soon. I have not taken to the whole digital thing as well as I had hoped. Oh, sure, the basics are there, but back in the day, I liked being able to do things more manually. If film and processing were free, I'd still be using it.

The other thing I found is that I'm not very good at mimicking others' pictures. I found something like this shot (sorry, I can't remember who did it), but I certainly didn't do it justice. But, since I have the attention span of a three-year-old, I went off on a tangent and noticed my life lines in my hand, as well as all the other creases and wrinkles. No real calluses, blisters, or anything like that. Just alot of lines. Hands that have played the bass, conducted an orchestra, and caressed the handle of a putter. Hands that haven't done a great deal of baby-picking-upping, gardening, or recent breast fondling. These hands have been held, wrung, clapped and injured. They're a bit on the short and stubby side, but they're mine. Hands...the internet. hands!

I see you, your tool as hard as forged steel.

I want you to nail me...hammer inside me.

I love the feeling of your wood drilling me.

Riveted together, fitting like a bolt in a nut.

The pleasure is building.

Like a vice I squeeze you, tighter and tighter.

The ecstasy is without measure.

When its over I thank you for a job well done.....

Come back after Thursday afternoon to find out who our willing apprentice is!
Some MGs are impossible to guess. Others make it impossible not to. In case you haven't been by her place yet (and shame on you!), stop by and say hi to Barefoot Dreaming!

"...the Other HNT" is NSFW, as usual, but with a couple of newbies. Be sure to stop by and leave a comment for them. I know they do appreciate that!
Looks like the old man of HNT (not me, thank you...) is going to be hosting a pool party, and we're all invited! BTExpress has finally gotten his pool put in with a grill that will make you drool! Best part, we have a YEAR to plan for this! In fact, one year from this weekend! Stop by his place, check it out, and start saving your pennies! Flights to NY shouldn't be too expensive! You know I'm going to be there!
Still taking suggestions for an upcoming HNT there. Not ruling out the ones I've gotten, but I'll still take others!
Also, a reminder that if you're interested in being the Mystery Guest, just let me know!

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