Thursday, April 10, 2008

Secret Handshake HNT

I haven't really written about what I do during the day for a steady paycheck. I think I've mentioned it once, way back when. My 7 years of college and two degrees in music education find me working for a local sandwich restaurant called the St@gg3ring Ox (I don't want to be googled...). Not on the food production side, but in the office. It's a Mac environment, which is part of the reason I was hired. I spend alot of time on the computer. We're in the process of franchising (look for us!), so I've been reading up on the varying laws of each state (and realizing why attorneys get paid so much--WAY too much BS and words in a contract!). In addition, I've dabbled in graphic design, done some of the bookkeeping, book music for the weekends, answer the phones, print t-shirts, enter invoices, yadda, yadda, yadda... The only thing I really haven't done is make sandwiches!

I often question why I stick around here, given that it has nothing to do with my education, I have no benefits, and am not getting rich. Easy answer--the bosses/owners. The president of the company was two years behind me at the same high school. I didn't know him, but S1 did. His sophomore picture in my senior yearbook looks like he was a troublemaker. Well, perhaps a little. But he started up this company 25 years ago, and it is truly a "local kid makes good" sort of a story. He's laid-back, funky, liberal, and still sort of stuck in the 70s in alot of ways. His partners are also just like him. The restaurant and the sandwiches are just like him. He owns trademarks and patents on his sandwich designs. It's a hip place to be associated with. I am able to take time off when I need to, generally without question, which is handy for my musical endeavors. And frankly, it's not brain surgery working there, and the best part--I don't take my work home with me.

On Sunday, I got a phone call from him asking if I was doing anything, and that he and some friends (most of whom I've met) were going to find a place to drink some beer and play pool. I don't normally socialize with these guys at all. They drink much more than I do, dabble in an occasional recreational drug or two, and I'm usually busy with music stuff anyway. But for some reason, I figured I'd join them. When I got there, there were about 8-10 others there. The short story, one of the managers and I were the guests of honor. Both of us had been employed at the Ox for 5 years (something that's not common in the food service industry, regardless of your function). I had no idea! Instead of a cute little certificate, we were each given a silver ring, designed by a local jeweler. And everyone else there also had a ring. I was previously unaware of this new clique I was now a member of, but it's a group of guys who have been a major force in the development of the Ox. Not all necessarily working there, but investors, friends who have helped out with construction projects, and those who have shared the dream over the years. And every five years, there's a new ring. Just for this small group of friends.

So I drank too many beers on a Sunday afternoon. And played alot of pool. And smoked cigars. And generally had a great time. Sort of like a fraternity, but without the naked ass-paddling in the basement. And I wore my new ring. I have to get it resized, obviously, but here it is. Sorry the detail isn't there, but it's an ox head, with garnets as the eyes. I'm not much for wearing jewelry of any kind, but I'm going to wear the ring. As hokey as it may sound, it represents appreciation for my work. Something I rarely got while teaching (well, I did from the students, but not the parents or administration...), and rarely get with the symphony. Now all I need to get is the key to the executive restroom and learn the secret handshake!

of life.

Life is
a combination
of the two
in varied
doses and degrees.

more of
the bitter
- sadness;

other times
more of
the sweet
- gladness.

Whichever way
it may be,
the two sides
are there

to balance
each other out.

The MG this week also celebrated a birthday on Monday! It's Bittersweet! She's been gone all day, so she hasn't been able to commment at all, but go over to say hi anyway!

"...the Other HNT" celebrates its 2nd anniversary this week! I find that equally amazing as the run that HNT has had. While it's not everyone's cup of tea, it's something that many HNTers have found fits a certain niche. are some who have become quite regular over there, while many are just occasional contributors. But a wide majority of HNTers haven't felt the need to be more nekkid than they are on their own sites. And that's fine too! Hopefully you'll stop by and check out the variety this week! There's a few more than usual. Of course, it's still definitely NSFW!
As you've seen in my header, I've been featuring different views of what I would consider the most beautiful 365 acres on earth - Augusta National Golf Club. Site of the Masters golf tournament. Before I die, I shall walk the green grass at Augusta (Q? -- keep working on that for us!!!). In the meantime, between symphony rehearsals, an Elton John concert, and a birthday BBQ with the family, I'll be glued to the TV. If you wanted to know more about the tournament and/or the course, check out these FAQs!
Be sure to stop by and check out Hollz' site. She couldn't stay up late tonight.
How about Brico, Crimson or Muse??

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