Thursday, April 17, 2008

Birthday Card HNT

Another birthday down. This one seemed a little different. It's common knowledge that Evening temporarily lost her mind this past winter, and sent me a birthday e-card in November. She was good enough to send me a Thanksgiving one last week, just to even things out! That should have told me that things were going to be different this year. Next thing I know, I got a birthday card in mid-March. What's going on with that?? I didn't mention it to the sender, but she partied with us in Dallas last year, so she should have known the date. Two days later, two more cards.

Yes, my friend Q, in her demented way, celebrated my birthday for a full month, spamming me with 4 or 5 cards per week! I've never gotten birthday spam before! Below you can find just a few of the cards she sent me! Plus one each from Jessica and Phain! For those who must know--yes, I'm in my birthday suit here! Once again, many thanks to all of you for helping me celebrate!!

We have another new face, so to speak, as this week's Mystery Guest. She caused some minor confusion when she first joined us by having the same blog title as another former HNTer. I'm not even sure she realizes it! But she's certainly left her own mark on us! She's another teacher--middle school this time. I certainly don't remember any of mine looking quite like her (though I did have a crush on my junior high Spanish teacher...). Here she is--relaxing after a long day, studying her textbook and working on next week's lesson plans in her head. I'll be revealing her Thursday afternoon, so be sure to come back! The studious MG this week is Madame X from the Madame X Files (no, not that Madame X, the other one!). Stop by to see what she's working on!

"...the Other HNT" starts off its 3rd year in fine fashion. Of course, it's NSFW!! Stop by and leave a comment or two!
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