Thursday, April 24, 2008

Celebrity HNT

One of the wonderful things about my birthday last year in Dallas was the chance to meet some of my favorite bloggers face to face. Among them was the very sexy and very fun Tara Tainton! In spite of the fact that she writes a sexblog, she struck me as a little bit shy, but eager to meet all of us as well. She was great with the birthday presents though! So what could she do for me this year??

Well, if you missed out on her HNT last week, you missed out on the news that she's spotlighted in the July '08 issue of Hustler magazine! She got her copy on my birthday and promptly texted me to tell me the news. And what should I get in the mail today?? My own copy, signed by Ms. Tainton herself! Complete with a little sticky note bookmark to her page, so that it would be the first thing I'd look at! Congrats, Tara, and thank you SO much for the birthday present! Can't wait to see what you come up with for my next one!

This week's Mystery Guest is not only new-ish to HNT, but to blogging in general. She's an avid reader, constantly learning new things, and will kick your butt at Trivial Pursuit! She's not quite nerdy, but she likes the science channels on TV. She likes playing doctor and she likes older men. Her career circumstances allow her to pursue an active social life while away. My personal favorite HNT from her involved a wardrobe malfunction, which was pretty cool! Oh, I just found out she's a Mac girl! How can you not like that?? She will be revealed late Thursday afternoon, so be sure to come back to find out who she is! Of course, if you think you know, stop by and say hi!
Our lovely MG with the cute tush is none other than Ms. Inconspicuous! Be sure to stop by and see another view from this series!

"...the Other HNT" continues to attract quite a large number of visitors, but a small number of commenters. I guess that's the nature of the beast. Be sure to check out this week's participants--they're your fellow HNTers! And don't be shy to let them know that you like them! As usual--definitely NSFW! Something for the boys, something for the girls!

THEME ALERT! - As you can see at the top of the sidebar, the third anniversary of HNT will happen in mid-May! The theme for that week will be "Three". I don't care how you express that--three candles, three balloons, three people, three legs--somehow get "three" worked into your HNT. Be creative! I'll have a special "something" for you that week as well! Don't you love surprises??

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