Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday Report

Yesterday was the fourth one I've celebrated here in Blogland. What a variety of parties! In 2005 (pre-HNT), the dozen or so readers I had were bombarded for 2 weeks that I had a birthday coming up, and, even though I didn't suggest anything in particular, I reminded them all that it was "all about ME". I also celebrated by taking a music stand in the chops, and splitting my lip just hours before a gig. I still have the indentation!

In 2006, HNT was almost a year old, and alot of people took note of it. For the first time in ages, I actually received birthday card and gifts in the mail from friends! Lots of new friends! Including a well-placed cupcake. Then I ran off to the Caribbean with the family. Not to celebrate my birthday, but who cares??

Last year was the big party (parties...) in Dallas. Wild and crazy times with wild and crazy people! Who would have imagined that I'd go to Dallas, let alone having friends fly in from New York and Las Vegas to share the weekend? Certainly a time that I'll always cherish, and a great way to turn 50! From those who couldn't be there, I got alot of nice birthday wishes online, and phone calls and texts while away. It was sort of a secret leading up to it, but once down there, we let everyone in (well, for most of the good parts...).

This year was different. Easter was early. Spring has been late. Fifty-one isn't a "banner" sort of birthday year. I made no mention of it on my site. I had no real plans. And then it started...

At 3:50 AM, I got my first birthday phone call from one of those eastern health freaks who goes to the gym for an hour before work. But it was nice and appreciated, and I knew that I could get back to sleep quickly. Then right around 5 AM, my phone gives me a text alert. Someone had written on my Facebook wall. Well that was nice. Ten minutes later, another text alert. Someone had written on my Facebook wall. Ten minutes later, well, you see where this is leading... I finally decided just to get up for the day.

My huge thanks to all who sent in birthday wishes, cards, texts, emails, attachments, e-cards, and either did special posts, or at least mentioned it. And while I'm sure to miss somebody, thanks to Rachel, Q, Biscuit, Cowgirl, Dana, Stealth, Vixen, AR, for the posts. This year, without any public announcement, I think I got the biggest birthday response so far! It's actually deeply humbling. Once again, my bloggiefriends stepped up and showed me that they mean as much to me (and in many cases, alot more) than real life ones!

The day was quite laid-back, with a small bit of symphony work during the afternoon (and a frantic phone call at night, which I blissfully ignored!). Rachel (you really need to check out the video she did for me!) and I went out for pizza and beer. It wasn't really a birthday dinner (I had to pay!!), as it was a last meal for us. She's moving away on Friday, leaving me high and dry... Well, it's not that bad. She'll be back alot, and she's only a few hours away, so there will be visits up to see her, too. But we had Howard's pizza (our favorite meal!), and watched Biggest Loser on the TVs. Gotta love a pizza/beer place that has that on! The evening ended with some drunk chatting, some phone calls, and general tiredness after a full day. Once again, THANK YOU, EVERYONE for celebrating along with me!

On a sad note--in my final bit of surfing last night, I saw that Summer's mother died of cancer yesterday. The impending death wasn't something she had blogged about yet, wanting to wait until the entire family was informed. But it happened very fast. Too fast. Keep her and her family in your prayers...

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