Tuesday, April 01, 2008


April is here! By far, my favorite month of the year, for so many reasons! It's going to be a busy one, with an opera to put on, a project to complete for HNT, a short road trip for a concert (you interested in going, he asks her...?), and a couple of other things happening.
Have any of you gotten an email from Anuj Agrawal, offering a stream of his photos to embed on your site? I got one to both my regular gmail, and the anonymous gmail. It's got to be spam, but I won't check. Did any of you?
Over the past week, a new musical passion has been rekindled. All worthy of its own post, but I haven't listened to my iTunes on my computer since this rediscovery. I've decided I was born 30 years too late, but then that would have been 8 years before my mother was born, so that would be sort of weird....
Great news on the router situation--three days, and absolutely no problems. Yay!
Watch out today--don't let anyone fool you!

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