Thursday, October 11, 2007

Old, Burned and Misshapen HNT

It's hell getting old... Well, we all knew that, and I'm not really complaining here, but my poor leg is taking a beating. That's been well-documented here and here. The good news is that things seem to have finally healed to some degree. But not completely....

See what I mean? Note the very weird ridge built up below my knee. That's where I really had problems in late August. In fact, you can see a little dip at the base of the ridge where there's still a full-blown dent in whatever is under the skin there. But at least it doesn't hurt anymore. Now look at the area above the side of the knee. The red area is what got sunburned about three or four weeks ago watching soccer. Didn't think anything of it. HOWEVER...that's the same area that I rest my powerbook on when I'm surfing the net in my recliner. The red patch is no longer a sunburn--it's an official first degree burn caused by the heat generated from my computer. Any/all hair there is burned away--it's as smooth as a baby's butt!

And that's about all I've got for HNT this week.

We venture north of the border again for this week's Mystery Guest. She was more than happy to help out when my originally scheduled MG for the week had to bow out at the last minute. She has graced HNT with dozens of pictures in the past, then she took some time away. Then she came back, but in a fit of panic one day, accidentally deleted the whole shebang! She's back, and will be posting somewhat regularly again. I hope. She is definitely a fanflippintastic person!! With some dumb stories. Just ask her!

We'll reveal her Thursday afternoon, but she'd probably 'fess up if you asked her if it was her!

EDIT: She beat me to telling you, but this is the lovely Canadian Cowgirl! Go check her out in the hot tub over at her place!

Time to do a little pimpin' here in the back row. As you might have found, Mom the Minx, the very avid HNTer/blogger, had to go private. She's not happy about it in the least. She's tried to invite all her friends back, but has inevitably missed a few of you. If you need an invite, feel free to email her:

This picture is from her HNT post for tonight--lots of stockings to be seen! Be sure you stop by, or ask for an invite if you need one!
"...the Other HNT" is a little low on quantity, but high on quality! Be sure you stop by and check them out and leave a comment! As usual, NSFW.
A Binsk-like pondering--if you were suddenly asked "what's the opposite of dog?", most of you would answer "cat". Why "cat"? Both a dog and a cat have four legs, a tail and are furry. Hardly seems like they're opposite. And if you were asked "what's the opposite of cat?", many of you would answer "mouse". Why? The same argument applies. Doesn't that mean that a dog and a mouse are the same thing? Wouldn't a more correct answer be "snake"? Or even better, "fish"? Just something that I was thinking about last night. I miss Binsk.
Don't forget that we've got a theme coming up! Halloween night (Wed/Thur). Be half-nekkid in your costume. Or be scary in your half-nekkidness. Some of us already have a head start in that area!

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