Monday, October 01, 2007

It's October!

One of the things I've found after almost 30 months of HNT is that I can sense the fluidity of participation probably better than anyone else. And the fluidity of those who comment, and those who simply lurk. Of the participants, I would say that we are currently in what I would classify as "third generation". The third new wave of people who have found out about HNT and have joined the group. I'm happy to say that I've gotten to know a few of them through chats an emails. It's a good group!

Of the commenters and lurkers--many have followed this third wave. Just from some of the comments on my HNTs, other's HNTs, or even the anonymous site, I can tell that many of them are new to all of this as well. And with that, comes a little confusion or misunderstanding. So some clarifications:
  • Thursday's HNT had very little to do with me, and everything to do with Evening. While I received some comments about what a great post I did, it was all her, and she deserves all the praise for the week. She's a courageous woman--I'm glad to call her a friend.
  • There wasn't an official theme last week. I contacted some people who have done the anonymous site before to ask for boobies, but it wasn't an official theme.
  • While the boobies on the anon site, or on Evening's boobie site were wonderful, they are not BoobieThon! BoobieThon is a highly organized, well conceived concept, run by people who have already spent numerous hours and days to put it together!
  • While the boobies we posted were appreciated, they are just a sample of what you'll find on the BoobieThon site. You should go there now.
Many bloggers submitted pre-launch pictures so that you could have something to look at in the early days of BoobieThon. I perused the participant list, and found no less than 10 HNT regulars who have submitted already! I had thought about doing another anon week with a boobie emphasis, but I think all the attention should go to the official site, so things will be "normal" around here this week!
I went out last night to drink beers with Just.A.Girl. We had a nice time. But I awoke to a helluva hangover. I haven't had a beer hangover in ages, so this caught me by surprise.
I had hoped to get out to take some pictures of the foliage in the mountains, but we had snow and rain on Friday night, and it was gray and wet on Sunday. And I was hungover. I think I might have lost my window of opportunity...
All of my football teams won again this weekend. Sorta makes me wish I had some money on all of them!

It's my mom's birthday today! Happy Birthday Mom!!

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