Sunday, October 07, 2007


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So both of the state universities have home games less than 90 minutes away, and the local college has its big rivalry only an hour away. What sort of crowd can you expect for the nationally ranked soccer team? Not much. Add to that a sunny, but windy cold day, and you get fewer. See the snow up there in the header? While some of you are basking in the balminess, it's colder than a witch's refrigerator here. (click 'em to big 'em!)

Here's S3 and S2 scarfing down some lunch with Mom and Dad in front. To my parent's credit, they stuck around for the whole game! (truth is, it really wasn't THAT cold...)

Oh, yeah--there was soccer on the field, too!

That's my niece on the left, in the breeze and the cold. I quit taking pictures when I realized I brought the wrong camera to get any decent shots from the stand. BTW--they beat the University of Lethbridge, 3-0. Go Saints!
Once again, all the local football teams I root for won. My old HS team has outscored its last two opponents 120-0. Not too bad. My Griz (#1 in the FCS) won, the Bobcats (#13) won in the snow and mud (not really a team I root for, but I DID get a degree from there once), and Carroll College (NAIA #4, but will move to at least #3 this week) beat MT Tech. Damn, I love small college football!
Speaking of my old HS, look for them during the Toyota Halftime Report tonight and next Sunday during the Sunday night NFL game! You won't see me, but you should look for it anyway!
Some sadness around. Seems to be alot of severe health related issues in the bloggie world. To bloggers, or parents of bloggers. Of course, almost all of it is somehow connected to cancer. Rather than list them all, just send some general prayers and good vibes to anyone out here who needs it. On a personal specific note, especially for Moose.
Once again, Tish tagged me, as did Kate. I'll get to them soon!

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