Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blurry HNT

First off--feel free to click on the logo up above to get over to the Boobie-Thon site. There's an ample collection to be ogled (including a good supply of your fellow HNTers!), but only if you contribute $50 or more for the privilege! All the details can be found on the site. If you're to cheap to do that, there's still some great covered boobies to look at too!
You know, sometimes you can look at the hand that life has dealt you, and know exactly how things will look in the future. At other times, the hand leaves you with a fairly blurry view. Seems to be happening alot with my friends lately (and surprisingly, not so much with me right now!). That "next step" ahead isn't as defined or as obvious as they'd like. In one instance, it could be the step that allows them to start their life over from scratch. In another, it could ruin their life as they currently know it. And in yet a couple of others, a step is necessary, but other circumstances will dictate whether the future is blurry or not. That could be the worst sort of blurriness.

As for myself--I didn't intend this to be my HNT this week. I was going for a shower shot from behind the shower head. This was the result. No Photoshop. No image manipulation. And I don't recall that the shower was particularly steamy this night. I couldn't replicate this shot to save my soul. But the blurriness certainly seems to work for the day. Sometimes the blurriness hides a wonderful surprise!
This week's Mystery Guest is one of my favorite redheads of HNT (oh, who am I kidding? I love ALL the redheads!). This young lady works in the education field (seriously, this isn't a MG trend), and is a fan of metal music, with a touch of punk, too! But then again, she likes the MTV "reality" shows. Go figure! She loves her hockey, as do all of her countrymen (a hint??), and also splits her love between two guys in real life. One at home, one a continent away. She's fun, she's hot, and she has a great bunch of friends. Does it sound like I'm rambling on here??

If you think you know her, feel free to ask her. I'll be revealing her identity Thursday afternoon.
This week we were treated to the loveliness of the Maple Leaf's biggest fan, Hella! Stop by and let her know of your appreciation!

"...the Other HNT" still is a bit boobie heavy, thanks to those who sent a couple of shots last week. But there's definitely some non-boobies, too! Be sure to stop by and leave some comments! As usual--NSFW!

Some of you like having a "theme" for HNT. I can't say I disagree much with that thought. I usually do 4-5 themes during the year, and try to get the word out so that everyone knows. Inevitably, there's a few that don't know about it. Usually those who only show up here once a week (WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???). The reason that I don't do more is because it sort of takes away the individual HNT process. Coming up with something that is being revealed (remember--it's not all just T & A. Or P) is still crucial to HNT. To come up with a picture just to match a theme takes away from that. So I don't think I'll be changing that.

That being said... Plan on a Halloween theme for Thursday, Nov. 1st. That allows for pictures taken at parties on the weekend, or even as late as Wednesday night! Look for details later!
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