Monday, October 22, 2007

Short and Sweet

VERY busy these days.
  • My primary HS and college football teams won.
  • Did you see the Helena teams on last night's NFL halftime report? No, no one you'd know was shown...
  • Go Rockies!
  • Symphony concert coming up on Saturday (Mahler's 3rd). Taking up any and all free time until then.
  • Halloween HNT next week (NOT this week)!!
  • Beers with Kamey Saturday night. Nowhere near as many as she forced me to have 3 weeks ago! ;-)
  • Was sent a picture by No One In Particular of her and Shumpy at his Halloween party on Saturday night. Thanks guys! Looks like it was fun!
  • Thanks to those that missed me over the weekend. It's nice to be missed!

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