Monday, October 08, 2007

Two Tags

We all know how I love to do these things. But they certainly come in handy when you've got nothing better to offer!

This one's from Tish:

    What music are you currently grooving to?
    As symphony concerts come up, I tend to listen to recordings of what we'll be playing. So right now, it's Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 3. Recorded by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Bernard Haltink. Since you were wondering...

    What, if push comes to shove, is your all-time favorite album?
    Jesus Christ Superstar - the original soundtrack from the early 70s (the brown one). I could listen to that for hours on end (and have). After all, I was King Herod about 10 years ago! Edit: Thought about this one last night. I would also put "Thriller", by Mr. Jackson, up as a possibility. There's a reason this is the #1 album of all time worldwide. It's a great album! The production value is superb, the songs are diverse, and this was MJ in his prime--before the plastic surgery, attraction to little boys, and when he was still black.

    What was the first record you ever bought? And where did you buy it?
    Well, I used to steal 45s for awhile from Woolworth's. But like Tish, I believe my first album must have been one of the Monkees' albums. Maybe the Cowsills. Oooh, no! It was Snoopy vs. the Red Baron by the Royal Guardsmen!

    Which musician have you ever wanted to be?
    I've wanted to be one of the back-up musicians for Jimmy Buffett for a long time.

    What do you sing in the shower?
    Also like Tish, I don't sing in the shower. Partly because I live in an apartment, and no one would appreciate it. Partly because I used to get paid to sing (and play trombone, etc.)--I don't need to do the shower thing. I often wake up with a song in my head that was somehow in my dreams... But nothing specific.

    What is your favorite Saturday night record?
    In Without Knocking, Mission Mountain Wood Band - There's not 4 of you who read this who have ever heard this album, but it's great to sing along with or to dance to. I have worn out 2 copies of this album, and currently have 2 copies (one unopened). Of course, I also have the CD of it too!

    And your Sunday morning record?
    Sort of depends if I've been drinking on Saturday night. If I have, then I can listen to anything by Diana Krall. If not, then I'll listen to some big orchestral piece - Russian or eastern European composers, preferably...

The second tag came from Kate. This time it's a "7 Things" one. They don't even have to be weird, from what I see!
  1. My name was on a "list" at my niece's soccer game over the weekend. I didn't have to pay. No one knows why it was on there. No one else in the family was on the list, including her mother, and my niece didn't know I was going to be there. Quite mysterious.
  2. I've been checking out YouTube for old cartoons, and found one of my earliest memories of one--"Beanie and Cecil". Anyone remember that one? Now I need to find "Fireball XL-5"!
  3. There's a pizza place in town that we used to go to in high school to eat the pizza buffet and drink pitchers of beer (drinking age was 18). I went back over 25 years later, and the first bite of pizza tasted exactly like it did in high school. Amazing how we can remember senses like that.
  4. The girl that I dated at the end of my senior year of high school is the oldest sister of the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.
  5. I have been involved with 4 different stage productions of "Grease", and seen two others. The movie by the same name is an absolute travesty.
  6. I was smitten by a girl in the 4th grade (she gave me her picture!). Then her family moved to Denver. Then back here. She was Miss Montana '76, and will most likely run for Attorney General here next year.
  7. If pressed, I'd say that my favorite Looney Tunes cartoon would be a toss-up between "Robin Hood Daffy" ("Ho, Haha, Guard, Turn, Parry, Dodge, Spin, Ha, Thrust!") and "One Froggy Evening" ("Hello, My Baby!").
As is my practice, I'm not tagging anyone!

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