Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mahler HNT

First things first--send some good thoughts and prayers to the people of southern California. I bitched about the forest fires around here all summer, but they don't compare to the up close and personal way that some of our blogger friends have been having to deal with. Those who are down there describe things as "Katrina-esque". Seems like apples and oranges, but they're both fruits. If you happen to know of fellow HNTers or other bloggers who are in the midst of this, and have heard from them, please feel free to post about them!
It's symphony week this week. That means alot of time working up to the concert. And little time online. Some of you have already made mention of that... Last year at this time I had this site all tricked out in Halloween stuff. Haven't had a chance to even do that!

On the positive side, I haven't cut, broken, strained, twisted, or bloodied anything. But it's still early. I HAVE had to deal with the lack of cooperation among certain individuals (ready for this? not even musicians!). But this too, shall pass.

The music--the third symphony of Gustav Mahler. I'm 50 years old, and I still don't know his music that well. Which is a shame, because he's written some of the best music of the past 150 years. And he certainly knew how to write for the brass. His symphonies often require huge numbers of musicians. His eighth symphony is often referred to as "Symphony of a Thousand" (and yes, we have plans to perform it within the next 3 years...with 1000 musicians!).

Saturday's concert is actually one of his most popular symphonies, and also his longest. It's bound to be a great concert. Here's just an excerpt from the 3rd trombone part. Hope you appreciate it!

Once again, for whatever reason, we have another teacher up as this week's Mystery Guest (break out the Van Halen!). This particular teacher is a very friendly sort. During the summer, you could sneak a peak over her back fence and find herself enjoying the morning air. With the spiders. If you were lucky, you might see her running around nekkid at night, too! She's got a thing for little people, which you might expect from a teacher. She's a little naughtier than you might imagine, but always can be seen with a huge smile. And stunning eyes! She won't be revealing herself here, but I'm sure she'd let you know it was her if you asked!
I'm not sure why, but the participation in "...the Other HNT" was pretty low this week. In fact, just one three entries.... Send in something now while you're thinking about it!
Don't forget that next week we'll celebrate the Halloween HNT!! Works well in case you're at a costume party this weekend, or if you're posting on Halloween night! Personally, I think I'm going to shock the hell out you! If I have the guts to go through with it... Those who are posting later on Thursday, you can be scary too! Have a great Halloween HNT!

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