Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Community Blogger Award

Tish of The Kat House has presented me with the Community Blogger Award. This award recognizes those bloggers who “reach out and make the blogger community a better one.” These are the bloggers who do more than just blog. They actively participate in the community aspect of blogging. So thanks for the award, Tish!

By now, you all realize that I generally don't tag people, or pass these things on, but this one's special enough that I had to. So...
Evening is my first recipient. She has shared her experience this summer of her breast surgery due to cancer. She's been brave, and open, and has brought together a community of support like none that I've seen before. Sure, her site is still private, but all you have to do is email her for an invite!

Vixen is known by just about everybody. Lord knows she comments all over the place. But she also has quite a few people who are big fans of her site. But how could you NOT be?

Figleaf has been a fixture around here for quite awhile. Many people's first exposure (so to speak) to HNT has been through his site. He's done more research on various aspects of sex than any one man should. And he's done it without lots of nasty pictures or sensationalism. But he's not afraid to show off his own hoohaw from time to time!

Spinning Girl is my secret blog crush. She has hosted some wild online blog parties, is constantly on the lookout for the aberration known as Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals, and is also a lovely singer. She's got fans from all over the place, and has built up quite a community of her own. If I'm not mistaken, I've got my own spot in her bed, too!
Sure, there's probably a couple of others that I could award this to, but these ones all have a great sense of community. Go check them out if you haven't had the chance!

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