Tuesday, December 01, 2009

This 'n That

Bad news..."A Charlie Brown Christmas" is being pre-empted tonight by Obama's address. I guess Christmas will be starting late...
This week (tomorrow, actually) begins the weeks from hell. This Sunday will be the symphony's performance of Handel's "Messiah". Not the massive orchestral arrangement, but the original chamber orchestration (mostly just strings) that Handel actually wrote for. Rehearsals start Thursday, and run every day to the performance (including an afternoon rehearsal in the church we're performing in on Sunday). Personally, I've gotten bored with this piece. If I didn't have to be there in stage manager mode, I wouldn't be there at all. Unfortunately, this is the season where we rehearse in a different church, have to load in/out numerous times, and it's generally not fun. We get a day off on Monday, then start up with "Nutcracker" rehearsals on Tuesday. Again, we'll be having nightly rehearsals, ending with two performances on Saturday and Sunday. After returning risers and equipments on Monday, it will be almost a full two weeks of nightly symphony work. I'll be ready for a nap!
Remembering back to last December at this time, I recall that the temps were sub-zero and windy, the equipment truck froze, and life was really miserable. I was encouraged by the weather yesterday, but I checked the 10-day forecast, and the temps and snow will be falling. Right on cue.
Finally took my car in to get looked at yesterday. I've been losing coolant at some sort of dripping rate since the summer, but recently it's gotten worse. The verdict: I needed a new water pump. Lo and behold! My car heater works much better now!
People in this state are still talking about the big win the Griz had on Saturday. It turned out to be the biggest comeback win in school history. They were down 14-41 to S. Dakota State in the middle of the 3rd quarter. But they came back, scoring 34 points in the final quarter to win, 61-48. Mighty impressive, regardless of who you were rooting for!

Go vote for Trojan.
From what I understand, she's still stuck in the 30s as far as her overall standing, but is sitting about 3rd or 4th in her age group!! Only one more month to get her numbers up, so be sure to stop by and vote... Daily!!

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