Monday, January 26, 2009

The Return!

Wow. Everyone wants to know how the gig went. Well, in a word---WE KICKED ASS! Perfect? Hardly. Polished? Not really. Adequate? Well beyond that.
  • We played in a new facility here in town. Nice, but we blew their circuits twice before we even got started. No problem once we got going, though.
  • Open bar. That's always fun.
  • LOTS o'people.
  • I didn't suck with my newly-learned keyboard parts. Yay me!
  • Played bass on while the bass player moved to banjo for a Keith Urban song. Opened up an entirely new sound for us!
  • First two sets didn't really use the horns that much, but when we got to the third set--we were back, baby!
  • Got inquiries from guests about our availability this summer. Something that might need to be looked at. If they liked us Friday, can you imagine how much more they'd like us if we'd rehearsed??
  • As anticipated, the horns were solid. With one or two exceptions. But those were later in the evening when the crowd was intoxicated, so no one noticed. Much...
  • A bit of an unexpected break came when one of the guests asked to sing/play. A kid that went to college here, and has gone on to pursue his dream of becoming a country singer. Rhythm section got together with him and whipped out three songs on the spur of the moment.
No much else to tell, really. It was fun. Definitely had forgotten how much it hurts to stand all night without much chance to sit. Old age snuck in where it hadn't been before. Not with me, but the others. I've always had knee problems after a gig. Will we play again? Hard to say. I suspect that we will.

Not much in the way of pictures. Could never get the camera at a good setting to work with the lighting situation. Too many blurry or dark pictures. But here are some (no apologies for blurriness or content--hoping to get some from the wedding photographer. Click 'em to big 'em!):

1. 2.
4. 5.

1. Me and a friend I hadn't seen in a couple of years
2. The happy couple. Gotta love a guy who changes out of his black tux and into a light pink one! "Artsy" shot taken by the sax player.
3. I love people watching, and mid-dance pictures offer all sorts of interest!
4. I'm sure there's a caption to be had here...
5. Hurry up and wait mode.

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