Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's Time For A Theme (or two)!

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It's time for a theme or two around here. So....

THEME 1 - Tuesday, Sept. 4, will be Dorky Tuesday! Yes, I'm resurrecting that from two years ago! Lord knows that there's pretty much a different crew around here that wasn't around then! From my late Aug. 2005 posts on the subject:
    I ran across some old pictures the other day. It just reinforced my previous opinion of my own youth. I was a geek. A dork. A nerd. But then again, weren't we ALL during those awkward junior high days?? It got me to thinking. We need to see more examples of this phenomenon!

    Yes, it could be slightly damaging to some of your self-images. But I'm not asking you to post anything that I'm not willing to post myself! It seems that there are some of you who feel more comfortable showing your half-nekkid self than your dorky side! For those of you who claim not to have a scanner--I can guarantee that you know someone who does! That's why you've been given a week's notice!

    SO...let us have a Dorky Tuesday (for lack of a better term). We will celebrate this dorkiness by posting the most hideously embarrassingly geeky photo you've got to expose to the world. A little story to go along with it would also be appropriate. You can even post more than one, if you were an uber-dork! We've all got them, tucked away somewhere. We can run it like HNT--comment on my DT post so that others can find you!

    Go find them, scan them, and post them. This gives you a week to do that.

    (No, this does not replace HNT for the week, regardless of how geeky your HNT might be!)
The last time we did this, it was a HUGE hit! And if you doubt the dorkiness, you can check out my 2005 submission here.

THEME #2 - By Sept. 13th, the NFL will have kicked off its regular season, college football season will have a week or two of games under its belt, MLB will be pushing hard towards the pennant races, and the NHL will be almost ready to start its preseason play. Truly, a great time to be a sports fanatic! As a nod to that, the THEME for HNT, Sept. 6th, will be SPORTS! Be half-nekkid wearing your favorite team's cap, or pose with your Stars' season tix covering up the necessary parts (this one isn't necessarily directed towards you, Shumpy...). Or show your half-nekkid self enjoying your favorite sport, either as participant or spectator! The concept is pretty wide open! Even if you're not a big sports fan, or your sport is something other than these, please join in! Break out your shuttlecocks or your putter. Let us see your breaststroke. Show us your equipment!

So next week will be a two-fer theme week--Dorky Tuesday on the 4th, and your Sports HNT on the 13th! Spread the word! There will be plenty of reminders!

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