Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some more ponderings...

It dawned on me the other day that I haven't been to a Christmas party in years and years. I've played for many during that time, but I haven't been invited to any since moving back here in '91. Never in a job that people would want to get together outside of the office, and I probably couldn't attend anyway, due to my performance scheduling. I think I'd like to go to one sometime again.
Don't even get me started about ever having a job where I could expect a Christmas/holiday bonus...
This isn't a Christmas complaint, but it seems to have cropped up more over the past few weeks. I'm really tired of reading comments where guys use the word "cum" instead of "come". I mean, sure it's got it's erotica/smut/porn. But do guys think it's clever to use it all the time? Shouldn't that have die out after 10th grade or so?
I got to thinking about all the snow that the midwest got this weekend, and how the rain around here is melting pretty much all that we've had. Then I started thinking about "white" Christmases around here. I've been pretty fortunate in that most of them have been "white". Biggest white one I remember was in the very early 80s. Well over two feet of snow fell during Christmas while I was teaching in northern Idaho. I was headed home for the holidays, but had to leave at night. I had to cross over Lookout Pass, on the MT-ID border, and the snow kept getting deeper (one of the prettiest drives I've taken). As I headed more into MT, and things start to flatten out, the full moon rises over the mountains. I remember being able to drive for miles at a time with my headlights off. The massive amounts of snow all around me reflected all that full moonlight onto the road. Yeah...I'm still alive.
I was at the Wall of Mart the other week, and perused the DVDs they had on sale. I've always considered myself somewhat knowledgeable about Christmas movies, and what's considered a good holiday movie, or even a "classic". So imagine my surprise when I found out differently! I missed out on knowing that Patrick Swayze even had a Christmas movie, let alone something that would be included in a "Holiday Collector's Set"! Anyone ever see this one? It must be good if it can be included with an Ed Asner movie!

I dug deeper, and found the "New Christmas Classics". These would be the cartoon classics. Again, imagine my disappointment in not having ever heard of these particular ones! These are the new classics, people! Why have the networks dropped the ball on these?? Or have I just missed out? And darn it, can you imagine my disappointment when I went back to purchase this one and it was gone? Which means someone else actually DID buy it??


Anonymous said...

George of the Jungle and Gumby???
When did these become "new" classics?! Also, Fat Albert! Hahah

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I agree. I use "come" even when I mean "cum." Come is the word, yo!

Patrick Swayze has a Christmas movie? I'm off to Netflix!