Tuesday, December 28, 2010

End of year stuff

I suppose I should write something... Must be on a post-Christmas lull. Christmas was actually a very good weekend. Nowhere near the sadness that I anticipated. My two oldest nieces even got to talking about picking lint out of their father's belly button as kids. I know...sorta disgusting, but lots of laughs, and it seems that we're all coping with death pretty well.
Theme Alert! - Don't forget this last theme for the year! Choose your favorite HNT that you posted in 2010. If you're like me, you might have a couple, so cheating is allowed. :-P
I don't generally post a recruitment for OHNT, but this will be the LAST OHNT OF THE DECADE!!! If you've never done it before, or haven't in awhile, NOW is the time!!! It's as anonymous as you want it to be. Only those that you tell will know it's you (unless it's obvious by tattoos, backgrounds, etc...). Don't wait any longer...it's the end of the decade!!!
Might also note that I don't have a Mystery Guest for this week. First one to claim it, gets it! Email me!