Thursday, November 13, 2008

Witness the anatomy of a HNT breakdown...

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Follow along with this. It really does tie together by the end!

I had a fairly decent idea going into this week that I was going to be incredibly busy. Add in the fact that the high school friends and I got together again on Tuesday (and drank WAY too much), and I knew I'd be losing my normal day to pull things together. Generally not too much of a problem.

So the plan was to do a whole tribute about Johnny Unitas. For those of you too young to know the name, he was the best quarterback in the NFL in the 60s. He's in the football Hall of Fame. He still has some records that have not been surpassed. Graduated from the University of Louisville. Played the majority of his pro career with the Baltimore Colts (who have since moved to Indianapolis).

My HNT was going to be a picture of me in my 8th grade football uniform (remember--I'm super busy this week). Resplendent in my blue and white uniform (still the team colors of the Colts). Those who have followed along will remember that the 8th grade may well have been my geekiest year ever. So now I have to find the picture. After tearing apart my apartment (wasting precious time), I finally find it. I slap it onto my scanner, and... nothing. My computer can't find the scanner.

In the meantime, I'm getting inundated with OHNT pics (well, I can't complain there). Time is growing short. What will I do??? I cheat. I post a picture that I've used before. Instead of my geeky football picture, you get the view of what I might look like if I were to actually attend a Colt's football game. (trust me, this all wraps up nicely by the end!)

Do you travel? If you do, look me up. You can find me just a little south of here:

Latitude = 34.0688
Longitude = -84.2720
Lat = 34 degrees, 4.1 minutes North
Long = 84 degrees, 16.3 minutes West

I find that hassle of traveling forces you to pack lightly. I always make sure to have a crisp white shirt and the fruits of Mollusca phylu, specifically bivalia -they work well with my skin. I like to dress up while I'm away - it's fun to be someone else on the road!. So I always make sure that I have the proper tools to make myself look like a 50's starlet. Can you guess who is behind the shirt?

We'll reveal her on Thursday afternoon! This lovely MG is the supremely sexy Southern Vixen. Be sure to stop by and see what sort of legal trouble she's been in!

We have a huge number of submissions over at "...the Other HNT". May well be the largest crop we've ever had! Come by and check them out! Of course, NSFW.
OK--tying things together. OsTour '08! I am going to be in Indianapolis (current home of the Colts!) this weekend. This, of course, gives me the chance to meet up with some of the midwest's finest bloggers! I have probably missed some people who live nearby who might want to join in, so if you're one of those, feel free to email me and I'll get you caught up on the details! Hopefully there's going to be some pictures/post over the weekend, but no guarantees. Definitely by Monday night, though! As far as surfing goes--I might not be around for a few days. Carry on without me!

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