Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving HNT

I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do/say for this Thanksgiving HNT. I covered the Wednesday Weirdness questions in the post below (check them out!), so that took care of most of my thoughts.

I can announce the December themes!! We've been doing this since the first December of HNT, and it seems to work out well! I'll have specifics over on the sidebar, and I'll make constant mention of them. New twist this year--since Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall on Thursday, the HNTs that week will become Half-Nekkid WEDNESDAYS! I'll post on Tuesday night prior. The themes/dates:
Thursday, Dec. 18th will be Christmas HNT
Wednesday, Dec. 24th will be Three Christmas Wishes HNT
Wednesday, Dec. 31st will be your Year's Favorite HNT
To delve a bit deeper about who/what I'm giving thanks for this year... For those of you who sent in their good wishes for my dad (and thank you!), and for those of you who have since asked how he's doing--pretty good, actually. As S2 described it, his femoral artery "disintegrated" when they tried to snake things up towards the heart. He's seen his doctor since coming home, and he had some trouble walking, but I think that's just from being bed-ridden and not being allowed to work it out some. The plan for Thanksgiving dinner will probably be decided tonight. S2 already volunteered to be in charge this year, so if Dad's able to move, and he's not too tired/weak, we'll have dinner with her family. If he can't, then we'll move the whole thing back to my parent's. It's going to be low-key, since S3 and her family will be in the opposite corner of the state (that's like 3-4 states away for most of you!) with BIL3's extended family, and N1 might not be here either. We haven't done "low-key" in a long time, but it will still be a nice gathering! And we're just thankful that his surgery came off OK (well, the heart part of it!).

I needed to find something turkey-ish for HNT. I knew I wasn't going to have a nekkid turkey around, but then I remembered a picture I took awhile back. Right after I got my new camera. A series of pictures distorted through the bell of Amy (that's my smaller trombone, for the newbies--yeah, I name my horns--deal with it). Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Even my heathen Canadian friends who celebrate early! ;-) Unlike last year, I'm opting to keep it as a click-through. You have been duly warned. I present to you, my Butterball. Sorry--no giblets showing!

Tried to come up with a poem. Didn't work.
Here's some interesting facts about our Mystery Guest...

  • She owns 4 pairs of bunny ears.
  • She drinks beer like a guy.
  • She thinks she was a guy in a previous life.
  • She's certain she had a large, gorgeous cock.
  • That's what her great rack is in this life.
  • She's hot-headed.
  • She has 5 tattoos.
  • And 3 piercings.
  • She cusses like a sailor.
  • She cares about everyone too much.
  • She has WAY too much love to give.
  • She's the nicest person you'll ever meet.
  • She has her own weird language.
  • She speaks fluently in both French and English.
  • She apparently doesn't know that 'alot' is actually supposed to be two words.
Be sure to come back Thursday afternoon when she's revealed!
Well, it's a bit earlier than normal for me to be revealing the MG, but dammit, there's turkey to be eaten! Our lovely MG in pink is the sultry, seductive Canadian ~Jobthingy~! Be sure to stop by and say hi if you haven't been there yet. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
Some great pre-turkey dinner pictures over at "...the Other HNT" this week! It'll be interesting to see what next week holds! Stop by and leave some comments for your HNT friends over there! Yes, Virginia, it's NSFW.

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