Thursday, November 13, 2008

Haloscan sucks chocolate salty balls...

I am SO sorry for what people had to endure to post their HNT comments this week. I originally installed it for comments because Blogger was having problems when I first started blogging. And quite frankly, it's a very good application. I'm going to have to look into switching, but I've got 4 years of comments that I don't want to lose (that's tens of thousands...).

However, it was purchased by a different company. I liken it to a tax attorney who purchases a French restaurant as an investment, then decides he wants to be the head chef. But his only cooking experience has been flipping burgers on the backyard grill. I'm not sure why MY comments have been affected. It could be as simple as reinstalling the template. What I DON'T understand is why no one else who uses Haloscan was affected. It's almost as though all of my settings were changed, and I don't like it.

Particularly offensive to me is the fact that many of you tried to leave a comment, but Haloscan (Akismet, actually) filtered them out as spam! INCLUDING COMMENTS I LEFT MYSELF!!! Puzzling, because Akismet is more associated with Wordpress. But I digress. Some of you may have noticed a lack of traffic--probably because your comments never posted. Others of you because, for whatever reason, Haloscan wouldn't accept your URL, and redirected back to the full comments page. Again, I apologize (though I really have no control). There's a number of other areas where I've lost control, so there's going to be some nasty emails to their support. HOWEVER, I'm off to Indy, so it won't happen for a bit.

I am posting the names and URLs of those who were considered spam, and were therefore not posted. I hope you take the opportunity to check them out!
Shibari -
Beautiful Dreamer -
Biscuit -
Amorous Rocker -
Sunshine K -
Bad Bad Girl -
Masquerade -
Fat Controller -
Mariposa -
B -
Semi-Celibate Man -
Cheryl -
Heterosapphic -
Look for some stories and pics soon!

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