Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This, that, and other things...

<-----Did I not tell you that someone at Blogger has a sense of humor?
This may come back to bite me in the ass later on, but it was 71 degrees here today! November in Montana! Woohoo! Just like Florida--NOT!!!
While in Indy, I noticed that gas prices were right around $1.85/gallon. Here, I came home to $1.99/gal., and it's down to $1.95/gal. this afternoon. While I like that, it pisses me off that prices were more than double that just 3 months ago, and that there's nothing to protect us from having that happen again. Don't even get me going on the price of gas in Wichita...
I'm not a traveler, in any real sense of the word. And when I do fly, I'm rarely on a strict timeline (such as a meeting or something like that), so I don't really get too terribly upset with the little glitches and delays. But what really irked me was the attitude of passengers who are too cheap to pay the $15 to check their luggage. Sure, I don't like doing it either, but I suck it up, and carry on a backpack with my computer, electronic stuff, and maybe an emergency shirt and toothbrush. But those with two bags got pissed because there was no room left in the overhead. And the suggestion that those of us who only had a small carry-on (like a backpack) were asked to stow it under the seat. Bullshit! I paid $15 to check--that buys me a space up above!!
Another passenger complaint--the passenger who ambles down the aisle as we're loading, finds their seat, then takes another 2 minutes to stow their bag, take off their coat, open their bag to pull out a magazine, make sure the seat was right, turn around to see who else is near them, and be totally oblivious of the 30 other people still trying to get to their seat.
It's close to my favorite time of the year--football playoff time!!! For those of you who follow big-time college football, this would be the concept that the rest of us use to actually crown an undisputed national champion! All three teams listed over there in my sidebar are obviously involved in the playoffs!

First off--the Montana State High School Association Class AA football championship will be played on Friday night. The Helena Capital Bruins (my alma mater) will be hosting the Billings West Golden Bears. This is the 4th straight year Capital has found themselves in the championship, and will be looking for their 3rd consecutive championship.

Next--the Carroll College Fighting Saints start their NAIA playoff run by hosting the Dickinson State (N.D.) Blue Hawks on Saturday. Carroll is looking to win its sixth national championship in seven years. The Saints also have the nation’s longest winning streak at any level — 26 consecutive games.

Finally--the University of Montana Grizzlies will be hosting the "Brawl of the Wild" against the Montana State Bobcats (notice the return of PEEMAN!). Saturday will be the 108th meeting. Montana leads 67-35-5 and has won 19 of the last 22 meetings. MSU’s last win in Missoula was 10-7 in 2002, which broke the Grizzlies’ 16-game winning streak (1986 to 2001) over the Bobcats. The Griz will be in the FCS playoffs, possibly seeded in the top 4, but will probably not earn their 16th consecutive Big Sky Conference title, due to a loss to the Weber State Wildcats. Montana has now won 31 of its past 32 regular-season games and 22 of its last 23 Big Sky contests. They also have the longest playoff appearance streak in all of the 1-AA/FCS.

If you need me this weekend, my butt will be firmly planted in my chair in front of the TV!

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