Thursday, November 06, 2008

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Well, two years of fighting, rhetoric, debates, arguments, accusations, and all the other fun stuff associated with a presidential campaign have come to an end. Temporarily. It's sure to start up again soon!

The American people have spoken. It appears that there's going to be some changes around here. Possibly the most impressive thing I've seen this time around has been the interest among the 20-something crowd. Bill Clinton had it too, but this seemed much more determined. And much more passionate. There were even some young bloggers that I didn't think would be interested in politics who really let their passion show. Kudos to them!

As for me, I wasn't as excited. Politics rarely does that sort of thing for me. I will admit that the state races were much more interesting for me. And, for the most part, the candidates and referendums I chose were winners (with one shockingly close county race that didn't go my way...). Montana will be shown on political maps as being a red state (that's Republican-leaning, for you out-of-towners). McCain won the state's electoral votes. But interestingly, the entire state administration is filled with Democrats. Our governor is a Democrat. Our two senators are Democrats (the incumbent who ran this year won by about a 3-1 margin). Our lone representative (that's right--Montana has ONE representative) is a Republican. But we'll show up on maps as a red state. I don't understand...

This election was an historic one. It was during the acceptance speech that it dawned on me, "Holy crap! We just elected a black man into the presidency!" And not thought of with racist overtones, but thinking about those images I saw in my youth from the civil war riots of the 60s. Certainly foreign stuff for this young white kid in the middle of Montana, where I had probably not seen anything resembling a minority. Yes, this was historic. Yes, there will be many changes coming. Yes, it's going to be an interesting four years!

Some say this was the election of a generation (actually, from the last numbers I saw, it might be the largest turnout ever, but only by a slight fraction). Some people sat around televisions and computer monitors all afternoon and evening. Me? I was preparing, just in case the result went the other way.
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"Have you ever noticed a tree standing naked against the sky,
How beautiful it is?
All its branches are outlined, and in its nakedness
There is a poem, there is a song.
Every leaf is gone and it is waiting for the spring.
When the spring comes, it again fills the tree with
The music of many leaves,
Which in due season fall and are blown away.
And this is the way of life."
- Krishnamurti

Many of you will recognize this longtime favorite HNTer. If you know how to find her, stop by and say hello! She'll be revealed Thursday afternoon.
Of course, this is Zoely! She's still around, and is making a quiet return to blogging. Stop by and say hi, and check out some awesome New England scenery!

"...the Other HNT" has a nice variety this week. Along with a couple of newbies! Be sure to check them out and leave a nice comment for everyone! NSFW, as usual.
I don't know how many of you have done it, but hopefully many of you posted or sent pictures of your boobies to BTExpress! He turned 60 on Tuesday. He is probably the oldest HNTer out there (true?). If you didn't post one, I know he'll accept them by email!! Remember, BTE--I get a commission!!
Had plans to get together with my two HS friends for beers on Tuesday afternoon. I've mentioned them before (D & K, for identification purposes). Both of them are state employees, so they didn't have to work. We were going to celebrate D's 52nd birthday. Unfortunately, K called to say she was sick and couldn't make it. Did that stop D & I?? Oh, hells no! We drank like fish, watched the afternoon election coverage, played keno, and talked about all sorts of things. Oh, there were fried gizzards and mushrooms and onion rings and wings and cheese sticks. And D and I talked about friendships. We realized that, after 35 years, neither of us really socialize with our high school friends. And how wonderful it was that we "force" ourselves to meet at least 3 times each year to celebrate each of our birthdays! And if that means drinking alot of beer (Ranier!!!), losing money at keno, and eating far too much fried appetizers, I'm all for it! And since D's bday really isn't until NEXT Tuesday, and the state employees get THAT day off too, we're going to do it all over again!! (And that's just the beginning of a full week of partying! More on that later!)

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