Friday, February 22, 2008

Theme Alert!!

Those of us who are savvy enough to know the advantages of Macs over PCs have, for years, hidden in the quiet corners of the internet. Smug in the knowledge that we would never have to be subjected to the Blue Window Of Death. And that we've had 4 usable versions of what the PC people call "Vista"--years before Vista came out! We feel a kindred spirit with other Mac users, and are more than happy to pontificate and explicate about the virtues of Mac over PC to those poor unwashed souls.

Two different HNTers posted pictures this week with their Macs. And more than one of you noted that fact. Yeah--Macs even look good with half-nekkidness! So..... On Thursday, March 6th, the theme will be "I Love My Mac" HNT! Pose with whatever computer(s) you have that run on the MacOS series. Even if you're on OS7! Your iMac, MacBook, PowerBook, iBook, .....whatever!

What about those of you without Macs? Well, because of some outside pressure, I'll include any of the iPod series (even though we did that no too long ago). iPhones will be OK too. And vintage Apple computers (think Performa or Apple II). Those would be cool. Or Apple/Mac accessories. Anyone still have their Apple stickers? Those could be well-placed!

If you don't have any of these things--you can still (and should) post your HNT. You just won't be quite as cool as the rest of us! UNLESS--would any of you post yourselves with a lapful of macaroni?? That would certainly be cool too!

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