Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stupor Bowl XLDCIIVX or something...

OK--since I'm watching the game by myself, and I have plenty of pithy comments to make to no one around here, I'm going to keep a running commentary...

At what point was it announced that you didn't have to have your hand over your heart during the National Anthem? Brady is the first one they showed doing it, and that was towards the end of the song...

Looking forward to "House, MD" tonight!

The "pre-game" show. The "pre-kick" show. The "pre-coin toss" show. Gimme a break!

I might get bored with this, but I'm sure I'll have something to say about the commercials...

The roof's closed. They say it was "cool". Talk to the Packers about "cool"...

First commercial--Bud Light. Breathing fire. Ooh--that was weak....
Second commercial--Audi. Also weak. Hard to mimic the "Godfather".


Third commercial--Diet Pepsi Max. Pretty blah until Chris Kattan walks through at the end. Still won't drink it.
Fourth commercial--Spam commercial--just what we need...

Fifth commercial--Bud Lite. Big cheese thing. Better than the first.
Sixth commercial--Under Armour. Huh?

End of quarter:

Seventh commercial--Bridgestone. Screaming animals. Eh.
Eighth commercial--Doritos. Chick singer. Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum...


Ninth commercial--Wanted. New movie. Won't bother.
Tenth commercial--G2. Diet Gatorade. You knew Peyton Manning wouldn't go through the game without some sort of appearance.

11th Yes, I went to the internet commercial. Hawt! Has to do with beavers.
12th commercial--Dell. Nope.

Damn, these are coming fast all of a sudden.
13th commercial--FedEx. Pigeons. Sorta funny. UPS is still cheaper. So is USPS!
14th Still nothing decent yet...
15th commercial--Tide. Talking stain. Sorta funny, but why would Tide spend money during the Super Bowl??


16th commercial--Budweiser. Hank the Clydesdale. YES!!! Finally! Showing some great imagination! Too bad the beer sucks...
17th commercial--IronMan. The movie. Nope.

18th commercial--Toyota Corolla. Sleeping badgers. Would have been better with blood splatters from inside the car.
19th commercial--Leatherheads. Oh, that has possibilities.
20th commercial--Garmin GPS. Napoleon. Another "short" joke.

21st A walking heart. Oh, yeah!!
22nd commercial--Life Water. OK--dancing reptiles are cool. "Thriller" is cool. Even better than those prisoners who did "Thriller" on YouTube!

Brady sacked two plays in a row. Oh, yeah!

23rd commercial--Yukon Hybrid. don't know if it was great for Super Bowl, but the artwork was pretty neat. Stone of Sisyphus. Look it up.
24th commercial--Bud Light. Picking up girls. Eh.

A thought--when did Haloscan start putting ad banners in the comments for those who use Haloscan? I didn't approve that...

25th commercial--Narnia. Didn't see the first one...
26th commercial--Planters Cashews. Couldn't figure out where this one was going. Sorta funny.
27th commercial--T-Mobile. Don't we ALL have someone like Charles Barkley in our faves?

28th commercial--Pepsi. I liked it. Maybe just to see Justin getting beat up. Still won't drink Pepsi though.
29th commercial--Doritos. Mousetrap and big mouse. Nope...

End of the 1st half...Giants looking pretty good, in spite of trailing.

Ooh! The Sobe Life Water Halftime Report. Time to heat up a pizza or chili or something.
And now, the Bridgestone Halftime Show. Is it time for HNT to sponsor something?
Thank God they're not lip-synching! Seems like the guys in Aerosmith (who are older) moved around a whole lot more when they had the halftime show... I'd bet that half of the kids on the field have never even heard of Tom Petty. OK--halftime wasn't too bad. Still liked Aerosmith better. At least there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction.

Oh, goodie. Another Will Farrell movie that's well below his talent level...

Second half starts...

30th I see a theme. But no car in my future.
31st commercial--The spam company again. Nearly racist...
32nd commercial--Vitamin Water. Shaq as a jockey. Cute. Kid picking his nose helped.

33rd commercial--Bud Lite. Cavemen build the wheel. Bottle opener was good!
34th commercial--IceBreakers. Carmen Electra. She couldn't even save it.
35th commercial--Bridgestone Tires. Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons. Not much of a commercial, but you had to hope that Simmons was going to be taken out...
36th Almost cute. Good to see the Jiminy Cricket character buy it in the end.

Cheap ass call against the Giants (too many men). Shouldn't be something that's reviewable.

37th commercial--Hyundai Genesis. Nope.
38th commercial--New Pixar movie. Wall.E. If you've got Buzz and Whatshisname introducing it, it must be good. Can't tell from the clip though.

39th commercial--Jumper. Old commercial. Looks like an interesting movie though.
40th Baby on webcam. Bodily functions helped.
41st commercial--Bud Lite. Ability to fly. Another old one.

End of third quarter.

42nd commercial--NFL Network. Chester Pitts. Plays oboe. That's kind of cool!
43rd commercial--Ford F-150. On a centifuge. Fourth time I've seen it. Must be the Denver Fox station's commercial... Anyone else see this one?

Why another set of commercials one play after the change of quarter???

44th commercial--Sunsilk. During the Super Bowl???
45th commercial--Coke. Stewie and Underdog fight it out over the streets of NYC. Ha! Charlie Brown triumphs! OK--I liked that one.

Ooh--I smell a Giant TD coming!!


46th commercial--Coke. Jinx. Ha! Not bad for a political career.
47th commercial--Toyota Sequoia. Life doesn't wait. Good advice.

48th commercial--Zohan. Oh, goodie. Another Adam Sandler movie that's well below his talent level...

49th Baby at webcam again. First one was better.
50th commercial--Taco Bell. Fiesta Platters. ¡Hola!
51st commercial--Gatorade. Dog slurping water. Loudly. There's a selling point... Ah, Gatorade. OK...

52nd commercial--Bud Light & Will Farrell. OK. Not a bad combo.
53rd commercial--Hyundai Genesis. First commercial didn't grab me. Neither did this one.

This doesn't bode well...
C'mon Eli! Don't puss out now!

54th commercial--Victoria's Secret. OK--this definitely has a place in the Super Bowl. That one was a keeper.
55th commercial--Amp. Only gets good marks for the heavy-duty nipple clamps.
56th commercial--American Idol. Big Ben shouldn't sing.

Holy shit! What an escape! What a catch!


Congrats to the NY Giants!! I heard commentators since mid-season keep saying to watch out for the Giants. I certainly didn't expect this. As for the Pats--18-0 doesn't mean a thing if you don't take it all the way. Kiss the perfect season goodbye! For as much as I was apathetic towards this game, I couldn't have asked for a better ending!

My vote for MVP--Smith, WR for Giants.
My vote for best ad--Hank the Clydesdale.
Have a great week, all!

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