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Valentine's Day. A day that is either loved or hated. It's almost always that red or white. Rarely do you find someone who looks for the shades of pink. Personally, I've secretly loved the day for years (though if you repeat that, I'll shoot you with a hundred of Cupid's arrows and deny it). Though I don't necessarily subscribe to a specific "day of love". One year ago at this time, I was just a tad gooey with my thoughts about the day, but I was in love, so it was OK. A year later, even though things didn't work out, I still like the day. Just not as gooey. And I officially wish each of you a very Happy Valentine's Day!! Regardless if you're a red person or white person, or even one of the pink ones!

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I didn't want the theme this week to be about Valentine's Day. There's enough people out there that hate the day that I went the next best way I could think of. RED. The common color of love, passion, hate and rage. A little something for everyone. Though I suspect that most of you will do the hearts/love/Cupid thing, I'm sort of looking forward to those of you approaching it from the other side!

Which brings us to MY HNT. Yep, it's another one of those "good-ideas-gone-bad" ones. Reaffirming the idea that the best HNTs are the ones taken spur of the moment... I am liking my shaved head look, so I went in for a touch-up. But I had a great idea!! Leave a heart on top, and I'd dye it red, and that would be my valentine for you guys. I should have come up with something better...

The woman who cuts my hair (longtime friend) doesn't work on the weekends, so I had to have her do it on Friday afternoon. I wanted to enlist the help of Rachel, but she wasn't going to be available until Sunday afternoon. So I had to run around with the patch of hair on my head all weekend. That's why God invented baseball caps... Rachel starts putting the stuff in my hair. It starts spiking. Even worse, you can't even really tell the shape. So we try to slick it down some. A little better. But then we took a look at the pictures. There's no other way to describe it, other than looking like I was scalped, and the bloody mess is all that was left. At least that's what they looked like in the small camera window. It was even worse at full size. Not a bloody mess, but a truly a bloody failure... To salvage it, I even had Rachel put the stuff on her lips and plant a big kiss on my head. The stuff ain't lipstick. And she's been in bed sick since the weekend. I think I poisoned her.

So I go with my background picture from last year's VDay post, and you can click through each of them to see the disaster that was my great idea. I artsy-fartsied a little bit, just to help me feel better about the utter failure that this whole thing was... Come back later Thursday, and I promise that there will be something better!

As promised--something better! Moose made it to town last night, which meant quickly heading to one of the few places open late on a school night to drink beer! Rachel didn't join us, because she's still a little ill (I poisoned her. I know it...). Here's a math quiz, kids! If she were in the picture with us, we'd have 1/2 of the founding members of HNT together. Instead, we just have 1/3 of the founding members. How many founding members are there??

Ah, the waiting!
The anticipation.
That breathless moment just before things are about to happen.
The slight chill on the skin.
The warm rush of blood.

Even if you're by yourself...

Check back to find out who this week's Mystery Guest is!
The lovely lady that belongs to this tummy is our lovely Londoner Charlie! She was kind enough to give us a double shot of HNT on her site. Be sure to go visit if you haven't already!

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Is this not one of the finest looking dogs you've ever seen??

This is Uno. Best of Show winner at the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

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