Tuesday, February 05, 2008

شموخسف ش يهسشسفثق

ُاهس هس صاشف اشححثررثي مشسف رهلاف صاثر ّ فقهثي فخ فغحث ش قثسحخرسث فخ ش ذخووثرف. ّف قثشنثي وث خعف تعسف ش مهففمث زهف، هب غخع ذشر هوشلهرث!

This is what I got last night when I was posting a comment on someone's site. Now to backtrack...

I found reference to some freeware in Macworld that would take out the localization files. They're the files that all Mac applications have to allow them to work around the world. German, Korean, Turkish, etc., etc. Files that my computer will NEVER access. Taking up hard drive space. They're generally smallish files, but there's literally thousands of them. Some guy came up with a nice little program to get rid of the ones you want. Also an option to delete the Intel versions and G5 versions (I only have a G4). And lastly, an option to take out the international keyboard options. Chinese, Japanese, Cherokee--all sorts of languages. So, of course, I download the freeware, install it, and start deleting files.

When all was said and done, I regained over 1.6 GB of hard drive!! 1.6 GB! That's pretty damned good! So I went surfing, and found a post to comment on. I started typing, and the cursor went from right to left. And with the squiggly lines similar to what you see above. I went to the keyboard preferences (properties, for you PC types) and found that the default keyboard language was Arabic. So I changed it back to U.S. English (which is vastly different than London English--just check with Charlie!). But nothing happened. I immediately panic, realizing that I was going to have to spend the night reinstalling my OS, as well as all my applications. Then, in a fit of inspiration, I opted for the tried and true fix-it that Mac owners know. Turn it off and restart. Ta-da! No more localization files, 1.6 GB of new space, and an English keyboard! I don't recall what exactly I wrote up above, but it certainly looks pretty!
I was checking on some available domain names at work today, so I thought I'd check out if hnt.com (or some version) would be available. Well, the answer is no. 'HNT.anything' They're all registered already. But I expected that. HNT is a common acronym. So then I check 'halfnekkidthursday' as a domain. Guess what? SOMEONE ALREADY OWNS THESE!!! Both the .com and .net domains! Which one of you suckers did that?? Fortunately, I'm not interested in my own domains, but damn, someone's really into the speculation! Happy to report that 'osbasso.anything' is still available!
A reminder that the RED HNT is for next week, not this week!!!

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