Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's Wrong With This Story?

Click here to get to the Contest. Still needing suggestions for a prize! And because I've heard from you about how difficult it is, I'll strike out the extra 6 people that aren't really in the mosaic. You'll thank me later... BTW, I've gotten my first contestant's answers in. She was perfect with the answers she turned in. But she only marked 3 people. However, she's the leader in the clubhouse!
I'll mark the questionable parts in this next story in light green.

I've mentioned my oldest niece on this site before. She of the soccer skills. She of the academic skills. She of the good looks. She who is the apple of her uncle's eye. She just returned home after about 10 days in the jungles of Belize with her college classmates. Before they left, the girls decided they needed to bring back some sort of present for their boyfriends. Apparently, it's cool to run around Belize with a 15" machete hanging off your belt, so they found a shop that carried them, and each of them bought one. They stuffed them into their carry-on luggage and headed to the airport. THEY WERE ALLOWED ON THE PLANE WITH 15" MACHETES IN THEIR CARRY-ONS! When they arrived in Atlanta, they had to go through U.S. Customs. The kid who had packed too much beer had to give everyone a single bottle in order to pass through legally, BUT THE 15" MACHETES MADE IT PAST U.S. CUSTOMS!!!

They spent the night in Atlanta, repacked their 15" MACHETES into their checked luggage, and flew home. Would any of you even consider doing that? In your carry-on??? The same carry-on that has the 3 oz. liquid restrictions? Sometimes valedictorians can be SO dumb! As well as those taking care of air traffic security! I wonder if I can get the little file thingy that they ripped off of my fingernail clippers back???

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