Monday, May 07, 2007

Sudden, Severe, Explosive Headache

No, not a sudden, severe, explosive headache.
Not a hangover headache.
Not a migraine headache.
Just one of those nagging, slept-on-my-neck-wrong headaches.
Alternated between TV and napping all day yesterday.
Finally decided to go to bed at 6:00.
Up for an hour between 11 and midnight.
Back to bed until 6:45 this morning.
Weird dreams.
Could take a nap right now if given the chance.
What a waste of a weekend.

Apparently, during my incapacitation, the green leaf fairy came and worked her magic. Almost all the trees in town have bloomed. That's nice. Hope it's a sign of bigger and better things!
EDIT: Between the time I went to work and the time I was driving home, the let's-fuck-him-up-the-ass-by-raising-gas-prices fairy worked his magic too. From $2.97 to $3.08, and it's not even close to Memorial Day (I'm guessing $3.25 by then...).

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