Monday, May 21, 2007

Stuff from the weekend...

The last concert of the symphony season was Saturday night. Verdi's "Requiem". Probably our best performed concert of the year. And fitting under the circumstances (the musicians killed in the plane crash). That's why I've been away for the past couple of days--the dreaded "symphony week". Now I've got a couple of weeks off before worrying about mid-July!
In a humorous turn (sort of) I took a header off of some stairs after tearing down the stage set-up. Short story--dark; I missed the last step; saved Michelle!; landed directly on both knees; no blood/scratches; could barely walk on Sunday; still hurt today from that whole whiplash effect. I'm finally feeling my age!

Hadn't planned on going to any concerts this summer, thanks to the gas prices, but Chicago will be playing in Bozeman in August. Scored 10 tickets (all in Row 2) at about $81.15 each. Five are spoken for. Anyone want the others?

I had hoped to work on the Graduation Picture contest yesterday, but it didn't happen yet. SO...there's still time to send in your picture if you want to supply one. The contest will open up on Thursday! Send them to And while you're sending pics that way....
Mom and Dad returned from their Alaskan cruise late last night. This morning I'm greeted with an email that says "details provided upon request".

I've put in the request for details, though I think Mom might have finally cracked after 50+ years of marriage!
Well, I saw Dad this afternoon. He's a klutz. He tripped while in the buffet line on Wednesday, when this picture was taken. He landed on his left knee (swollen and bloody), hurt his bad right arm, bruised his left arm, and his current facial bruise now goes from above his eyebrow, down to the corner of his mouth. Not as strikingly colorful, but still a mighty bruise. Just can't seem to take him anywhere anymore!

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