Monday, May 28, 2007

This 'n That

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I'm giving you the chance to view this again. I have a feeling most of missed it the first time around...

Saturday was the birthday of the Duke, the Queen and Trout!
There was a REAL OsShirt sighting on the HNT 2nd Anniversary that I failed to mention. Click here to see how it spent its time in the suburbs of Boston!
Been spending alot of the weekend watching TV. The John Wayne marathon was great! "Man vs. Wild" is always fun--where they dump a guy out of a plane and he's got a certain number of days to find civilization. Across glacier fields, in the Rockies, through the African jungles... Did you know that if you're desperate for water in the wilds of Africa, you can squeeze the moisture out of fresh elephant dung? I didn't know that either, but this guy does, and is more than willing to show you! It's also apparently OK to slurp long earthworms, rather than twirling them on your fork (because you probably won't have a fork with you...). Also watched an Eddie Murphy concert from the mid-80s. When he was still funny and used the f-word at least once every 5 seconds. And "50 Most Unforgettable Plays" on the Best Damned Sports Show. The top three? #3--Kirk Gibson's home run; #2--Bill Buckner's error; #1--the Cal/Stanford football game (with the band). Remember how the poor trombonist got run over at the end of the play? We get no respect... Personally, I think that Gibson's HR should be #1.
Hope you spend some time today reflecting on the reason why we have the holiday. Personally, I've been spared from knowing anyone who has been killed while in the service. Still doesn't mean that we shouldn't take a moment to remember. Doesn't mean we shouldn't get together for a BBQ with family either!

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