Thursday, May 10, 2007

Morning Has Broken HNT

Before I get started, did you realize that the pianist in this song was none other than the great Rick Wakeman, phenomenal keyboardist of YES during their greatest line-up? Ah, I digress...

If you read my post from the weekend, you'd know that I didn't make very good use of it. What has transpired since is that I've made the decision to get up with the sun this summer. Unless I've got a gig the night before. In which case I might not make it HOME until sunrise. What I've found already is that there's a great deal of work that I can get done before 9AM! You guys generally don't update your sites in the early morning, so there's no pressure to get around to check things out. Early morning TV is really bad. I might as well work!

So to celebrate the breaking of a new day and a new attitude, here I am at around 6:10 this morning. Is it time for a nap yet...?

Ah, this week's Mystery Guest.
You need to click to take a peek...

Due to a communications problem, the scheduled Mystery Guest didn't get pictures in, and I don't have anyone in reserve. Sorry about that!
"...the Other HNT" has a few more submissions this week, and is NSFW. Be sure to stop by and show some love!
The Graduation Picture Contest is fast approaching! A number of you have said you'd send pictures in, but I've only gotten about 10. I'd like to get at least 2 dozen. Time to dig them out! Check out the post below for more explanation!
Bonus points for anyone who knows what next week is!

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