Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Graduation Picture Contest--NEWER POSTS BELOW

The famous "Sunscreen" speech that was popular from the 90s seems to be appropriate for the musical part of this post. We're talkin' about Graduation! Or, "Grad-jee-a-shun" for those in the appropriate parts of the country (can't WAIT for all the "congradulation" misspellings that always occur at this time of year!).

OK--the contest and "rules":
  • Send me your high school senior picture. The one that was in your yearbook. If you don't have one, then a picture in your cap/gown or whatever you dressed in. Around the 20th of May, I'll post all the pictures in a collage, and you, the readers, will email me your guesses as to whom everyone is. The one with the most correct answers will win some sort of monumental prize from me.
  • Send your pictures to:
  • Please include your year of graduation. It might somehow be used as part of a tie-breaker.
  • I'm not interested in pictures from your high school days. I want the official graduation picture.
  • Most important--if we've never seen your face, I'm afraid that you can't play! Not that we don't like you. It's just that if we don't know what we're looking for, your senior picture isn't going to help us any!
  • I will provide a list of those participating (with maybe an extra name or two, just to make it interesting...)
  • At this point, all I need are pictures. Go dig yours out and get it scanned!
More details will be posted when the pictures actually go up, including what the fantastically great prize will be! Time to have fun again!!!

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