Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We Beat Google! HNT

Yep, we're back in business!  If you want to skip the drivel and get right to the pics, go here.

When Blogger sent out the message that they were going to shut down blogs with "adult" content, the uproar was immediate.  Many of us would have had our blogs taken away from us.  Admittedly, Blogger/Google is a free service, and they can do whatever they damned well please.  But shooting themselves in the foot like this, and totally out of the blue, was just plain wrong.  It was big news on FB, and I jokingly commented that we should do one last HNT before they closed the OHNT site down.  Then we thought about it, and it seemed like a pretty good idea!  So we ran with it.  "Fuck Blogger!" HNT!

Then Blogger/Google reversed their decision, in no small part because of the public uproar.  By this time, I had already received a handful of submissions with promises of more.  So rather than pass it up, the focus became "We Beat Google!" HNT.  And my, how it's been successful!

If I had to characterize this particular HNT, it would be "surprise".  Surprise at the age range--from 21 up to early 60s!  Surprise at the newcomers who heard about it from other bloggers, or missed out on the action from a few years ago.  Surprise at how certain people stepped up their HNT game--at least a half dozen off the top of my head who are sharing far more than they ever have before!  Surprise at some of the old-timers who came back for this one.  All in all, a pretty good showing!

We've got over 3 dozen submissions tonight.  Will we do it again?  Who knows?  HNT was officially retired over a year ago.  I didn't think it would ever come back.  I suspect it will come back again at some point, but for some sort of very special occasion.  For now, let's just enjoy it's current return!


Sky Blue said...
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Autumn said...

hey you! just happened to read this now, peeking around you see. interesting news. I know you told me via fb, but life was busy and ya know...

loves autummn

boneman said...

wonder how long I'm here this time.... Computer blues is the worstest blues... You know. If the truck doesn't start, I can always give it a good kick and it gives me yet another ride. (I know that sounds like a song, huh? Thing is, I'm more into creating gas music from Jupiter than the next C&W hit. I'm just weird like that, I reckon.)

Of course, there's always the other thing to work on, now. Well... I have been offline for so long (some swear I've ALWAYS been "offline") that I forgot the password to the hnt blog I made. (maybe they're right, eh?)

Well, it can't be too hard to start another blog...but, about that "early sixties" bit you tossed out there. At 65, I'm thinking I still got a good looking butt. Course, the "compass" doesn't always point North at command, but, I have a tongue and plenty of imagination.

None the less, it figures that it's Wednesday today. Well... I'm almost always a day late and a dollar short.