Thursday, October 14, 2010


Flu refers to illnesses caused by a number of different influenza viruses. Flu can cause a range of symptoms and effects, from mild to lethal. Most healthy people recover from the flu without problems, but certain people are at high risk for serious complications.

In the U.S., epidemiologists at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) work with states to collect, compile and analyze reports of flu outbreaks. Flu symptoms may include fever, coughing, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, headaches, body aches, chills and fatigue.

Annual outbreaks of the seasonal flu usually occur during the late fall through early spring. Most people have natural immunity, and a seasonal flu vaccine is available. In a typical year, approximately 5 to 20 percent of the population gets the seasonal flu. Flu-related deaths range from 3,300 to 48,600 (average 23,600).

A flu pandemic occurs when a new influenza A virus emerges for which there is little or no immunity in the human population; the virus causes serious illness and spreads easily from person-to-person worldwide.

For the 2009-2010 flu season, the H1N1 flu virus caused more illness in young people and pregnant women than is usual for prior flu seasons. Like seasonal flu, illness in people with H1N1 can vary from mild to severe.

I've never bothered with flu shots in the past. I tend to avoid those sorts of things. Most years, I've been able to escape getting sick. However, due to my current "condition", now I get to run to the front of the line to get flu shots. And the earlier, the better. Time for you to get yours, too!

Carolina In My Mind

"In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina
Can't you see the sunshine
Can't you just feel the moonshine
Ain't it just like a friend of mine
It hit me from behind
Yes I'm gone to Carolina in my mind
--James Taylor

This week's Mystery Guest will be revealed Thursday afternoon. Be sure to check back to find out who it is!
Millie is this week's MG! You can find her at "Return to the Internet", which is ironic, since she's been gone for awhile. She just wanted to let us know she's still around! And if you want to see how she's changed, check out her last appearance as the MG!

Some new participants over at "...the Other HNT" this week! Stop by and check out your fellow HNTers, and leave a comment or two, please! Of course, it's NSFW.
Realized while I was drafting this that I haven't posted since last week's HNT. Geez! No real reason. The weather is exquisite right now, football is in full swing, symphony rehearsals start again this weekend, the soul band has a gig the day after the symphony concert, lots of rehearsals coming up (thank God the music has already been written!), miners were/are being pulled out of the ground, Christmas supplies are already in the stores, I learned a trick to download YouTube videos, I got an exquisite voice message from a foreigner, and life is generally pretty good. I'll try to write more this weekend though...

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Elle said...

Nice to read that life's good!

I was going to write "Nice shot" about the picture, but not sure it felt that nice :P

I'm up!

Anonymous said...

Yes everyone! Get yer flu shots. :-)

Yet another fabulous Mystery Guest! So beautiful and alluring!

I'm up!

sadie said...

I'm glad you're taking precautions this winter. I want to be MG's crepe paper. HOT!

I'm up!


Emmy said...

Yay flu shots!
Beautiful MG!
And I'm up!
Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

Must admit, I'm still undecided on the whole Flu Shot thing.. But understand the importance to people "at risk"

I'm still round and waiting... Was full of energy this morning, but just woke from a nap.

I'm up :)

Anonymous said...

psa ftw!

gorgeous MG, outdoorsy and scenic

i'm up with a little white

Sugarmag said...

Yes I guess it is time for flu shots once again, such an ordeal when you have kids. Happy HNT, I'm up...

Sugarmag said...

P.S> I forgot to say, lovely guest! Cool creative shot, too, love it.

Vixen said...

I've never once gotten a flu shot.....I have mixed feelings about them.

LOVE the MG...damn.

I'm up!!! More from the same fun series! :)


13messages said...

Cool shot of the flu shot. I hope you stay healthy all winter long.

Gucci Mama said...

Beautiful mystery guest!

I'm up!

JM said...

Given I currently have the flu, I probably should have had the shot earlier in the year. Oh well.

Nice MG once again, very cute.

I'm up

Vixen said...

My favorite girl is up...

Barefoot Dreamer

Tigress said...

I get my flu shot. Yep!

I'm up. New address.


Osbasso said...

Autumn is celebrating a birthday today!

Lusting Lola! said...

I'm up. Two weeks in a row!!

Think I'll skip the flu shot. Hate, hate, hate needles, and have never needed one in the past.


Mr. Smith said...

I'm up - Sexy What?.?.?

Cheeky Minx said...

As someone who uses public transport, I'm all for flu jabs even though needles make me lightheaded.

I'd love to say I like your photo. How about I say the MG is gorgeously sexy instead?

I’m up.

Anonymous said...

Only year I ever had a flu jab, I got ill. So I'll skip it this year.

I'm up.

SapioSlut said...

I'm up and busted!

Happy HNT!

Jobthingy said...

I never get the flu shot. I did once and I was more sick that year then any other.

But I am glad youre on it ;)

I am up.. and off to bed

HHNT xoxo

Shibari said...

hmms thought that i posted
I am up here

since my old bloggy thing is down and this is my first HNT in forEVER.

MG is just beautiful...
flu shot looks ..painful


Molls said...

I'm up!

Anonymous said...

eek..needles! my fav. time of the week..HNT!

Joanna Cake said...

The vulnerable should definitely get their shots! The rest of us need to watch our diet carefully to ensure we get the right nutrients to bolster our immune systems.

Im up with a great picture but a not so good story :(


Anonymous said...

I'm up

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I never get the flu shot as it makes me more sick than the actual flu

I'm up.

Sally-Jane said...

I am joining in too

Anonymous said...

I'm up.

Fat Controller said...

We're up again after a little break!

Innocent Bystander said...

Gotta get your flu jab.
I'm up!

MinorityReport said...

Ouch. No needles for me.
I'm up (x2).

Maeve said...

I had asthma, I should be getting it, and then, never went, don't want to get it while receiving the shot...
But that is a gusty shoot!
I'm up!

Anonymous said...

MG pic didn't load for me. Sounds like I'm missing something loverly. :(

I'm up now. Been a crazy week. With the poking and prodding that's been going on with me of late, the flu shot is the last thing I want. But I'll get it. Eventually. Waiting for work to schedule them before I lay out $ for it.

Maggie said...

Yay! PSA!

I'm up.

Hubman said...

I'm getting my flu shot tomorrow, good for you!

Better late than never, I'm up!

HyperSexualGirl said...

I've never had a flu shot, either. They don't seem to be very common here Down Under, or at least amongst my husband's circle of family and friends.

I'm up!

BTExpress said...

The VA gives me a flu shot every year. Something about me being old.

I'm up with a rather naughty HNT this week.


I'm up with a post you're sure to enjoy. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hoping to get round to visit everyone tomorrow... today I just need to fall back into bed.

BUT, I'm up


Anonymous said...

Our first Half-Naked Thursday entry is posted!

Thanks for the great fun!

Anonymous said...

OOOPS!!! I mean Half-Nekkid!!!


SB said...

i dont do the flu shot but had to give one to the kid because she gets really sick in the winter :( ick

i am up

Anonymous said...

I'm up!

Shhh.... said...

Great PSA... I've already gotten by flu shot too. :)

I'm up. Happy HNT!

Dutchess said...

I'm scheduled for my flu shot next week. Nice PSA Os.

Happy HNT, and I'm up!

Anonymous said...

Never get a flu shot....always think I will.

I'm up!


boneman said...

(makes up for the picture of the ouch)

I had a stomach bug week and a half ago, didn't get done with it till this past weekend.
Turned me into a dehydrated constipated whiney ass.

So, I must be feeling better, now.
Just put up the biggest wood I've gotten in years.
(and, for someone in their sixtieth year...that's a wonder!)


Melissa and Kevin said...

We're up thanks entirely to Gabby, who took the photo, cleaned it up, and wrote the post for us!

-M and K

Sunny said...

I don't do shots. But then I don't have what you have! Its important for you to get them!!

Stay well and enjoy the beautiful weather!

I'm gonna say, better late than never here. Its been one of those weeks. I'm up finally with "The Pink"!! ;)


viemoira said...

I'm up late...rough week...

I did get my flu shot this year though! :)

scintillectual said...

It's been a long day but I'm finally getting my HNT up. Maybe someone is still around to check it out?

Chapter Two said...

No flu shots for me. but I am not in your situation either. glad you are staying healthy

thanks Vixen for upping me

PandaDementia said...

I'm up late, but at least I'm up! Happy Belated HNT!