Thursday, July 19, 2007

Symphony Week #2 HNT

"It's just weird, you know, when you have a picture of how something’s gonna be, and it turns out completely different."~~Author Unknown

This week's Mystery Guest is a long time lurker who was introduced to HNT via a friend. He finally took the plunge and started his own blog after posting a couple pics on "...the Other HNT". He started his blog on my birthday and gave it a name inspired by my reply to his first anon picture. This picture is a 90-day-after shot of his ongoing diet and exercise program originally posted on March 15th. He says the change is more noticeable and looks better in person. He is having to buy all new clothes to account for the 30 lbs. and 4-5 inches he has lost in the past 6 months.
He is a recent daddy for the second time and is know in some circles as The All American Guy. He blogs and HNTs in secret, so he spends many a late night surfing the web instead of resting for his early mornings. He has agreed to reveal himself, but see if you can figure out who he is first. He's not on the sidebar, so that may make it a challenge for you. The clues are the initials to his blog that you'll see occasionally in the comment boxes.
Not terribly hard to figure this one out. Thanks to TUG (TackyUnderwearGuy). Stop by and tell him you saw his shower pic!
"...the Other HNT" is going strong this week, and is NSFW, as usual. Be sure to stop by and leave a comment or two!
The OsShirt has been spirited away to Wisconsin (what? there's no post office in Dallas??). Be sure to stop by to see No One In Particular and her adventure with it!
I hope to post some pics of the stage set-up and definitely from concert time. I'm outta here for a few days...

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