Monday, September 05, 2005

It's Dorky Tuesday!!

Easter, 1971

This would be within days of my 14th birthday. Eighth grade. Let's analyze the dorkiness here (click on the picture for the full-size effect...):

--"Bowl-On-Head" haircut. Check.
--Full set of braces on the teeth. Check.
--Zits on chin. Check.
--Ill fitting blue blazer. Check.
--Handmade (by Mom) tie in abstract pattern with 60's neon colors (think "Yellow Submarine"). Check.
--Red, white and blue striped pants (complete with white stars). Check.
--Very plain Easter basket at my feet. Check.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this is that my mother actually allowed me to attend Easter Mass in this get-up. Maybe the dorkiness is genetic.

**EDIT**--There's alot of "Band Geek" pics today. So even though I somewhat make my living as a former/current band geek, I figured I'd better toss up one of the only pics of me in my uniform.
This was after marching in the Lilac Parade in Spokane, WA in May of 1975. Capital H.S. The clarinet belongs to my best friend, who is taking the picture. The girl is Susan Puckett. My girlfriend when I was a sophomore. She was new that year, and I was smitten. The girl who taught me how to French kiss. The girl who broke my heart when she moved back to Washington later that year. I was devastated. We reestablished contact towards the end of my senior year, and we met after the parade. This was the last time I ever saw/heard from her. Other than the kissing, my copping a feel of her shoulder here is as far as I ever got with her. What a dork I was!

So there you have it. Don't forget to comment to let me know your DT pic is up. Dork on, dudes!

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