Thursday, September 03, 2009

Re-enactment HNT

Apparently, a tutorial is needed for the comment box. I'll include this again next Wednesday, as many won't see it before then. There's two main ways to do this so that you don't have to include your URL as part of your comment. First off, replace the word "Guest" with your own blogname. Seems obvious, but there were 5-6 "guests" this week! Secondly, click the word "From". You are given a list of options, and this is where you need to make a decision. Ignore all but two of the options. Trust me on this!
  • Your first option: "My Blogger Account". If you choose this, you'll be taken to a new window, and it will need to confirm who you are, login info to Blogger, etc. Obviously, if you use Wordpress, this isn't your option. If this option is chosen, then when you leave a comment, others will have to click your name, another box will open, and invite you to come to your Blogger site. Why it doesn't just go there...? I don't know.
  • Your other option: "My Other Site". If this option is chosen, then when you leave a comment, others will have to click the arrow-like icon next to your blogname, and it will jump directly to your site.
Obviously, the second option is much easier. I recommend it. Does this information remain every time you come to visit? I don't know. I hope it does. And why don't I just revert back to Blogger's comment options? I've tried. I've eliminated all Haloscan/J-S Kit code, but Blogger's code is either missing, or tied in with the other code. Of course, I could move everything over to the "new" Blogger (I just realized that most of you don't even realize there is an "old" Blogger!). If there's still alot of problems next week, I might have to bite the bullet...
There's a concert coming up in awhile that I want to go to. I was unusually on top of things when I heard about it so joined their fan club, so I could get involved with the pre-sale. Good news--didn't cost me a penny (as opposed to the Stones, which cost $100, and still got me crappy seats).
Pre-sale for this concert was this morning and I was nervous. At one time, I was a wizard as far as getting tickets was concerned. Center, or within a couple of rows of the stage was my norm. Recently, my mojo hasn't been great. Started with the Elton John concert a couple of years ago. Missed out completely on the first concert, but came back for the second concert, yet I was about as far away as possible. Had another concert that I totally lost out on, but came back with ticket brokers. Even with them, tickets were almost to the back row (but they were centered!). Taught me to never use broker again. Things seemed to turn around for the Elton John/Billy Joel concert, getting floor tickets, but not as close as I had hoped. But we were on the outside aisle, so it was easy to get to the adult beverages!
So the day has come to buy tickets. I'm a little nervous, and I had visions of my computer wanting to act up on me. I get to the ticket page. I've got about five minutes to go. Tension is high. Credit card in hand. Refresh... Refresh... Refresh... Damn, I need to pee. I go as fast as I can. Come back. Refresh... Whew, didn't miss anything. Refresh... BINGO! I'm in.... And ladies and gentlemen, the mojo is back! Floor seats, center section, row 8. More to come in the future about the concert.
So this is a re-enactment of those last few minutes before the tickets went on sale. You'll just have to imagine myself sitting in a recliner, in nothing but my underwear. Or not.

"It's time for the pennant race. But I do not support this particular team. However, I do support the person that gave me this sexy little shirt. As his request, I took a picture of myself, wearing it, WET! I think it adds something to it, don't you?"
We'll reveal the MG on Thursday afternoon. Come back then to figure out who she is!
Our lovely, but half-hearted Cubbies fan is none other than Southern Vixen! Be sure to stop by and say hi!

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