Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

I'm one of those who doesn't really "celebrate" Labor Day in the way it was intended. For me, it's the last chance to tie one on to celebrate the "last" day of summer. Sure, we'll have plenty more hot days, but the nights are getting a bit cooler. And the smell of tailgate parties is in the air. I was planning to have to work today, but I got a late call telling me that I could take the day off. Would have been nice to know earlier, but I'll take it! The Facebook people tell me that beer and chicks should enter the equation, so I'll do the best I can!
I had spontaneous bursts of housecleaning on Sunday. In fact, I pretty much stayed away from the computer all day. That was refreshing! Most significant is that I started tossing things. Mostly papers right now. But I tossed stuff from over 20 years ago. Yeah, I'm a packrat. I need to make a concerted effort to continue! By the same token, I also filed away a bunch of bday and Christmas cards. From three years ago. Alphabetically. Guess I need to work on that packrat thing...
Burger King continues to run a variety of normal and creepy commercials. One is on right now as I type that's quite plain. But the creepy one right now is the "tiny hands" commercial. Creeps. me. out. I still contend that they are the most creepy ones out there. And what's up with "BK"? There was a whole commercial where the term "Burger King" is neither spoken nor seen. What's up with that?
Remember when I went to see Rachel and we picked on her and she got pissed and then she forgave us? I haven't heard from her since. HOWEVER, her butt still loves me. I've gotten about 3 or 4 calls that apparently were butt-dialed to me. Always fun to listen to, just in case she was singing in the car, or "entertaining" or something. So Friday night, the phone rings and the caller ID says it's Rachel (or her butt). I reluctantly answered, as I wasn't in the mood to listen to see if she was going to fart or not. Surprisingly, it was HER! She was a little loopy, so it was easy to get her to start giggling constantly. She insisted I blog about her butt. Here ya go babe! Can't wait to see you next time you're in town (yeah, sure...) ;-)

I've been finding all sorts of things on TV (because there's not a damned thing to keep my attention...). The latest fascination? "Bully Beatdown"! Now, I'm absolutely not a fan of UFC or MMA or any of that crap. But this is a great show! Bully Beatdown is a reality television series on MTV. In each episode, bullies are confronted by Jason "Mayhem" Miller and challenged to a mixed martial arts bout against a professional mixed martial artist for a chance to win $10,000. So visualize--one or two guys, usually sorta wimpish, send in a video saying why they need "Mayhem's" help. Looking at these guys, you can see why. So sympathy is lacking for these guys. UNTIL you meet the "bully". These guys are cocky and immediately easy to hate. Swinging your sympathies back to the wimps. Short story--bullies get in the ring with some professional MMA fighter and gets the shit beat out of him. By losing, the wimps can win up to $10K. At the end everyone shakes hands, and the bully looks sheepish (while secretly planning the demise of the wimps sometime after the show). And egging everyone along is "Mayhem". Who you'd like to see getting the shit beat out of too!

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