Sunday, January 11, 2009

Interview #2

Interview time again! This time the questions are from Elisa at Fairy Flutters. Since I did this a week ago, and I'm such a rebel, I'm not going to include the instructions. I think you all know them by now anyway!

1) Tell me about a time when a meet up with someone from HNT went horribly wrong (or really right. ;) ) - Honestly, there hasn't been anything that could be considered horribly wrong. Or even minimally wrong. I go into these things with no expectations, other than meeting people and having fun. And we've been quite successful at that! As for 'really right', I would have to admit that there's a couple of memories that I won't soon forget!

2) How does it feel to be the great Os? (Regarding your HNT fame) - I sort of answered that in Queenie's interview. But to expound, I feel a bit silly. I'm amused by people who think of me as something more than I am. Fortunately, I think those who have met me will attest to the fact that I'm really not!

3) Do you have children? If not, did you ever want children? - I come from that generation that still thinks that children are a byproduct of a marriage certificate. I've never had one of those, therefore, no children. I've been able to enjoy my sisters' kids, which means that I've been able to give them back when I got tired of them. I do often wonder, however, what sort of a father I might have been (realizing that chances are slim to ever find out).

4) When (and if you ever do) feel sadness, how do you deal with it? - I find I feel disappointment far more often than sadness. And there's plenty of people who disappoint me (including myself). Bloggers are an unending source of this. Just yesterday, I found that something that was shared with a bloggerfriend in confidence has made the rounds. That sort of thing really disappoints me (though I'm not saying I haven't done the same...). But sadness? I don't often feel it. To me, sadness also involves a degree of loss. I can feel sad for someone else's situations (death of a friend/family member), but rarely to the degree that I have to "deal" with it. Probably the most recent, truly sad moment happened two years ago (see the post below this one). To deal with that one took alot of talking/chatting with others. Sort of spreading the grief, as it were. On a bit of a tangent...I've found that I can shed tears at the drop of a hat. For the most inane things (I can hardly go to a movie anymore!). Sad tears, happy tears, doesn't matter. Didn't used to be like that.

5) Where did you grow up and tell me a story about when you were really young that most people haven't heard. - I'm one of those people who have pretty much stayed close to home all his life. I was born in Helena, and have spent over 35 of my 50+ years here. Primarily because of a close family life while growing up. Story, huh? I taught myself to read before I was even in kindergarten. Since I was such a good reader, I was chosen to narrate our first grade Thanksgiving program. This was in front of the rest of the grade school (and parents) at the 7th Avenue Gym. I'll bet if I tried hard, I could find the script somewhere amongst my belongings (I learned my pack rat ways from my mother)!

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