Tuesday, January 06, 2009

TMI Tuesday #168 -Would you rather...

1. Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you dislike/don't get along with? - Definitely with someone I dislike. I need to have someone to vent my sarcasm on!

2. Would you rather accidentally walk in on your parents having sex or have them walk in on you? - Since my parents have had sex a grand total of four times in their life (really...ick...), there's little chance of my walking in on them. On the other hand, if they walk in on me, then that means I'm getting some! Unless I'm alone again... (flashbacks to "Fast Times at Ridgemont High")

3. Would you rather be snapped by paparazzi during a nipple slip or while exiting a car with out any underwear? (guys, consider similar circumstances) - Actually, I'd rather not be snapped by paparazzi at all.

4. Would you rather not have sex for two years or not be able to use the Internet for two years? - Well, the no sex thing for two years has been no problem, so don't take my internet!!!

5. Would you rather find true love or 1 million dollars? - Again, at this point in my life, I'll take the million dollars!

Bonus (as in optional): If you had to choose *one* sexual position for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?- Preferably one involving a second person of the female persuasion. I think that's would be self-explanatory...

Be sure to let the TMI people know you played!

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