Thursday, January 08, 2009

"We're on a mission from God..." HNT

Did you guys find it as hard to get back into the swing of things here as I have? It was nice to use the archives and doing Christmas wishes, wasn't it?
"We’re getting the band back together!..."
That was the email back in November. There's a guy in town (friends with the bass player) who met his fiancée at one of our infamous gigs out at the lake (remember this young lady?--no, she's not the fiancée...). They decided that they HAD to have us play for their wedding reception. Of course, that meant putting back together a band that hasn't played together in almost a year an a half. But if the Stones and the Eagles and the Monkees and countless other bands can do it, then so can we!

Well, not completely. Without going into the vast internal drama and details, let's just say that we'll be playing with a different drummer. To tell the truth, it's a little bit scary. Now, I don't doubt for a minute that the horns will be able to walk in cold and play like we just had a gig last weekend (assuming that we've been keeping our chops in shape, and we have). The vocals might be a bit tricky--particularly background vocals. But that shouldn't be too bad. The rhythm section is getting together a couple of times to work things out with the new drummer, so that's a good thing. I'm a bit nervous about the drummer, because he'll be taking the place of a really good one. The really scary part falls on me. Again, without going into detail, I am going to have to play more keyboard than I usually did. I am not a keyboard player. I FAILED my keyboard test required to graduate with my first music degree FOUR TIMES in one day. This is not to say I can't play. I just can't play Brahms, Mozart, Liszt, or Chopin. But give me a lead sheet and a key, and I can support just about anything.

HOWEVER--it's been 16 months since I've even pulled my keyboard out of it's case (no, that's not a euphemism...). It's been sitting in my back room. Collecting dust. So I did that last night. It's heavier than I remembered. And my fingers are stiffer than they used to be. And there's little electronic things with the instrument that I'd forgotten needed to be fixed. But most of all, it's trying to cram all this extra music in my head. And there's only one way to do that. It's the dreaded "P" word--PRACTICE! So here I am, reacquainting myself with my keyboard. One finger in front of the other. The gig is just over 2 weeks away. I'll be ready! (To make it even more fun, I'm going to have to put in some time with my bass, as well!) More on this story as it develops!

For those who wondered: no pants were used during the taking of this picture...

going through the motions with the sound turned down
trying to stand up with your hands bound
running in place wearing blindfolds
and you're never contemplating what the mind holds
it tears me apart
this vengeant heart thirsts for love lived through art
both sides of the sword splintered
I'd walk for miles to taste your smile
these eyes see through denial
turn of a dial static sings
blue gray green
i can feel her eyes on me
This artist will be revealed on Thursday afternoon. If you think you know who it might be, feel free to stop by and say hi!
Well, I don't know if some of you knew who this was in advance, or if it's after you say her own HNT. In any case, this is the lovely B from "B is for blog". Stop by and check out some of the other pictures she took a the same time!

"...the Other HNT" is a tad bit more NSFW this week. Must be those New Year's resolutions or something. :-) Be sure to stop by and check out your fellow HNTers! Be generous with your comments, too!
Have you noticed that the ShamWow! guy is now hawking the SlapChop?!? Woohoo!

A little more info...the guy's name is Vince Offer (really!). After reading his bio, I'm less inclined to buy either, but damn, it's just like looking at a car accident...!
In an interesting development, I'll be going out for beers on Thursday night with a former HNTer! Coming to town on business. We'll be hitting the Brewhouse (duh), and I'll be sure to have the camera on hand. It's so much easier when bloggers come to me...!

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