Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TMI Tuesday #169 - Back to TMI Basics

1. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your sex life? - I guess that when one has none, then that would rate as a 1. But I'll say a 2, even if I have to do it myself...
2. If someone shoves you up against a wall while kissing you, your reaction is? - That's always been pretty favorable! Always led to "I'm gettin' some tonight!"
3. What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done or said to you? - Probably would be when Volcano Girl had a dozen red roses delivered to me at school. Fortunately, I was on my way home to lunch, so I didn't have to put up with the questions in the faculty lounge! It was the first (and one of the very few) times that I've ever been sent flowers. (also almost marks the exact moment that one of YOU was born!)
4. Where is the most unusual place you have ever had sex? - On top of the 9' grand piano on the stage in the recital hall of the university where I got my first degree.
5. How do you liked to be kissed? - Huh? Gently and all over, I guess. Preferably not like a St. Bernard.
Bonus (as in optional):Most embarrassing sexual moment? - The closest I can think of was when I took a young lady home after a party, and before anything really got started, I had to run to the bathroom to puke (because of the drinking, not her). Sort of put a damper on going further that night. Totally by coincidence, the roles were reversed about a month later.

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