Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tuesday Night Entertainment (and other thoughts)

Don't forget! I'm going to be Turnbaby's guest tomorrow on her weekly radio show! Sixty minutes of questions and answers, pontifications, and opinions! I might even let her get a word in edgewise! The fun starts on Tuesday, 8PM EDT! Click on the "Turnbaby Talks" picture to get directed to the radio show!
After you've been amazed and thrilled by the witty dialog that Turnbaby and I promise to deliver, then head over to your TV and watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" on ABC! There are certain shows that should be seen on a yearly basis, without fail. This is one of those!
For those who might be interested, my triangle debut was perfect! The entire concert was pretty darned good, too! I did have a scary moment. As I mentioned originally, I also had bass drum duties in this concert. The short story--I lost control of a timpani mallet (needed for some precision drum rolls), it flew up and behind me, and I was able to grab it out of thin air and still come in correctly on time with my next roll. All in the span of about 2-3 seconds. Didn't miss a beat! A maneuver that would make the Concord Blue Devils drumline go ooh and ahh! (I'll be impressed with anyone who knows what that means!). In short--a job well done by everyone! Next up--the Messiah, and two performances of the Nutcracker, all within 7 days. Can you smell the excitement?
Is it just me, or are the word verifications starting to look like real words?
There's an entire generation or two out there who don't know how to pop popcorn the old-fashioned way (and I'm not talking about those air poppers we had in the dorm rooms...). Do YOU know how?
Is this not one of the most attractive women you've never seen??

OK, I'm not a fan of video games. Seriously, the only one we ever had was Pong (which kicked butt!!). I've never bothered with anything since. I've attempted Guitar Hero, but found it grossly lacking (great music, less than exciting action--I think musicians have a harder time with it). But this commercial for the new Guitar Hero coming out is pretty good. Alex Rodriguez, Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps, and Kobe Bryant. Channeling Tom Cruise. Say what you may about star power (or Kobe...), it certainly looks like these guys had some fun!

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